Dance Floor

Dance Floor 1.4

- Updated for 1.17 use.
- Changed the pack_format of the required resource pack from 6 to 7.
- Made some of the signs glow.
- Updated for 1.16.2 use.
- Changed the pack_format of the required resource pack from 5 to 6.
- Updated for 1.15 use.
- Turned on the doImmediateRespawn gamerule for all games.
- Added a separate sign that lets you skip the introduction cutscene.
- Added a sign that lets you re-watch the introduction cutscene within the dance floor.
- Fixed being able to glitch inside and jump up the separating wall that appears in True/False quiz.
- Changed the floating text that reads "Floor Is Lava" to "Floor is Lava".
- Updated for 1.14.2 use.
- Updated for 1.14 use.
- Players no longer earn credits from Floor is Lava if they end the game early.
- Fixed solid color disco balls sometimes being deleted when starting to play a game.
- Fixed animated disco balls not appearing when being selected.
- Added a 'Vote to end game' item that gets placed in the ninth slot of your hotbar. You vote by dropping the item. If every player votes the game will automatically end early.
- If all players (except spectators) leave the map on a server while a game is in progress it will now stop the game immediately instead of waiting 60 seconds of there being no players before stopping the game.
- The 'Player has won!' title will now not appear at the end of games if they are ended early.
- If a game is ended early a title saying the game has ended will appear.
- Fixed Laser Show not ending if ending due to no players being in the world.
- Fixed Floor Paint clearing hats and suits at the beginning.
- Made the beginning cutscene and full details text for each game less verbose.
- Added a second preview at the back of the dance floor shop so players can see dance floors more easily.
- Locked the world difficulty to Normal.