CraftSound v3.9

since in 1.18 there is really no new item or block be added (yet?)
so there is no 1.18 content to be update

New Sounds !
assigned to beds and banner, a sound is similar to Cloth_1 but with a wood sound combined to implying to "wood" part of item
Crush_1 assigned to Dyes, a sound is combination of powder snow, stem log and seeds to make crispy and grainy sound

Cloth_1 & Cloth_2
combine powder snow into the sound to make it softer

Correcting English Cloat -> Cloth, Chuck -> Chunk
This is last version for 1.15 & 1.16, they won't receive any future content update
such as new sounds, optimize, etc. but I will still fix bugs if found one.

add sound glass_2 using slightly lower pitch of end_portal_frame.fill
add sound cloat_2 using a combine sounds of cloat, dirt and snow
add sound stone_3 using slightly lower pitch of
change all dye sounds to cloat_2
change all dye shulker box sounds to stone_3

Following items have been moved from Add=on to Vanilla
dye shulker box, firework_rocket, firework_star
pink_wool and white_wool

Small adjustment
---- Vanilla ----
beehive; food_1 -> wood_1
beetroot_soup; none -> food_1
ender_eye; fire_1 -> glass_2
fermented_spider_eye; food_1 -> food_2
soul_campfire; wood_3 -> fire_1
purple_wool; none -> cloat_1
rabbit_stew; none -> food_1

---- Add-on ----
ender_pearl; none -> glass_2
experience_bottle; food_1 -> glass_2
totem_of_undying iron_3 -> enchant_2
fixed items crafting from addon recipe continually play the sound until uninstall.
Add personal setting contain ability to not receive sounds from this datapack and custom able chance to make sounds.
- new sound type for Glass! All the glass, glass pane and their color variant will be using this sounds.
- sounds adjustment to iron, gold and diamond tools to be more bearable.
- after a lot of performance test, I believed there the datapack is very light and no need for optimization that impact user experience , so sounds delay had been remove.
Fix slime and snow sounds doesn't play.
new sounds variant of wood related item:
This sounds is dedicated for non-full block wood such as stick, wooden tools and oak stair
new sounds variant of stone related item:
This sounds is dedicated for non-full block stone such as furnace, stone tools and stone slab
new sounds type, Enchant, come in 2 variant:
one for conduit and another for end crystal, enchanting table, ender chest and beacon

minor: fix auto install won't installed (again)
apparently the installer won't install the datapack and no one report me on that.