Cave Biomes

Cave Biomes 1.1.2a

Fixed Cave Biomes trying to generate in non-overworld dimensions
Ported to 1.16
No new features have been added
Updated to DU 2.1.2
Cleanup & bug fixes
Cave Biomes will now fail to load and print an error message if used in 1.14.
Fixed attributes on several elemental items.
Added config options for disabling spawners in caves, dungeons, and villages. You will need to re-download the config datapack (or copy/paste the new entries) to use the new options.
Updated to DU 2.1.0b
Fixed another bug with dungeon generation
Coral biomes are a bit less sporadic
Generation is less likely to replace the ocean floor
Some minor performance improvements
WARNING: Datapack Utils 2.1.0 (and by extension Cave Biomes) have changed to a new world generation system to better improve compatibility with other datapacks. As a result, Cave Biomes will attempt to re-generate already existing chunks, potentially griefing underground structures or causing other mayhem. If you want to install on an existing world, install Datapack Utils 2.1.0 without Cave Biomes and fly around the areas you want to protect.

Updated to Datapack Utils v2.1.0
Optimized randomize function- Generation should cause much less lag
Moved to predicates for better performance
Added config options (documentation coming soon)
Updated to DU 2.0.2a (fixes gravel not dropping anything)
Fixed a village farm not having enough light
Fixed elemental shovels being named pickaxes
Nerfed some spawners and made them rarer (and added some new ones)
Some dungeons mobs no longer drop anything (like blazes)
Other small fixes/adjustments