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  1. Depends on a dependency Data Pack
Data Pack Dependency
Cave Biomes requires the library Datapack Utils. You can find it's Planet Minecraft page here.

Redefine your Underground! Cave biomes adds 34 new randomly generated cave biomes, 6 new cave shapes, and 5 new structures to explore!

Current features include but are not limited to:
  • Improved normal cave generation
  • Overgrown caves
  • Underground Forests for each wood type
  • Ice Caves
  • Sandstone Caves
  • Terracotta caves
  • Nether caves
  • Some special secret caves you'll have to find on your own ;)
  • Underground villages
  • New dungeons themed around the 4 classical elements: earth, air, fire, water
  • Special custom items found within said dungeons: good luck finding them
  • And so much more!
Note: this datapack will probably cause lag when generating new chunks. It will clear up though and will not affect gameplay when not generating new chunks.
Another Note: Take a backup before adding to an existing world. Generation applies retroactively and it might grief underground structures you've built!
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Latest updates

  1. v1.1.2a

    Fixed Cave Biomes trying to generate in non-overworld dimensions
  2. v1.1.2

    Ported to 1.16 No new features have been added
  3. v1.1.1

    Updated to DU 2.1.2 Cleanup & bug fixes