BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 1.12.4

- Updated for 20w15a use.
- Added the following advancements: “Dark Ages”, “A Soul For A Soul” and “Blackstonehenge”.
- Added all the new blocks and items to “All the Blocks”, “Stack all the Blocks”, “All the Items” and “Stack all the Items”.
- Added Blackstone, Polished Blackstone and Polished Blackstone Brick Slabs, Stairs and Walls to “Cut in Half”, “Slabs For Days”, “Stairs? NOOOOO!”, “Ah, My Old Enemy…” and “Crazy Walls”.
- Added Polished Blackstone Buttons and Pressure Plates to “Engineer” and “Master Engineer”.
- Added Chiseled and Cracked Nether Bricks to “Fake Fortress”.
- Added Quartz Bricks and all forms of Smooth Quartz to “Greek Art Decor”. Also updated its description to reflect this.
- Added Prismarine, Dark Prismarine and Prismarine Brick Slabs, Stairs and Walls to “Fake Monument”.
- Added Basalt Deltas to “The Nether Regions”.
- Fixed some of the Variant values in “Tropical Collection” being wrong because the wiki lists them incorrectly (thanks Personnedu59).
- The values changed were: 67371265 to 67371009, 117441536 to 117441793, 117441280 to 67699456, 134217984 to 459008.
- Fixed “Prime Specimen” not working because it was using the wrong trigger type.
- Fixed consuming honey bottles not resetting the timer for “Castaway” (thanks QuasiStellar).
- “Camouflage” now works with the Ender Dragon.
- Changed “Council of Crafters” so the villager you trade with now only needs to be at y-level 255 and above.
- Updated for 20w14a use.
- Added the following advancements: “Zork Chop”.
- Added Zoglins to: “Monster Hunter”, “Monsters Hunted”, “Hell Hunter”, “Master Shieldsman”, “Demolitions Expert”, “Indiana Jones”, “Poseidon vs Hades”, “Death from All”, “Potion Master”, “Biological Warfare”, “Highway to Hell”, “Endergeddon”.
- Elder Guardians, Withers and Ender Dragons have also been added to “Monster Hunter” and “Monsters Hunted” to match vanilla.
- Added Warped Fungus on a Stick to “MOAR Broken Tools”.
- Fixed using the “update_score” function not always resetting scores properly in multiplayer.
- Fixed Bats, Trader Llamas and Turtles not being required for “The Mighty Hunter”.
- Fixed not obtaining “Powerful Light” if you placed a redstone torch on a wall.
- Renamed the advancement “Magic Book” to “Knowledge is Power” (thanks Master_J_2003).
- Updated the descriptions of “We’ve broken our last shovel”, “Axeman” and “Shovel Knight” to say there are 6 items required.
- Changed the descriptions of “Mollusc Man” and “Captain Etho” to be more clear.
- “Shovel Knight” and “We Got a Live One!” are now goal advancements.
- “Kill or be Killed” is now properly a challenge advancement.
- Updated for 20w14infinity use.
- Added an infinite amount of advancements for the infinite amount of dimensions.
- Removed those infinite advancements due to size constraints.
- When loading into the world for the first time it spawns a command block which, when activated, will spawn a chest that contains Boxes of Infinite Books, Flint and Steels, and Obsidian. This command block can be activated as many times as you like.
- Updated for 20w13a use.
- Added the following advancements: “SHROOM ON A STICK!”, “Bobbleheads”, “This One’s Mine!”, “Get a Lode Of This!”, “Sith Wayfinder”, “Lodes of Applications”, “Failed Concoctions”, “Multiclassed”, “Ring of the End”.
- Added Striders to “Overpopulation”, “The Mighty Hunter”, “Potion Master”, “Biological Warfare”, “Highway to Hell”, “Endergeddon”.
- Added Lodestone to “All the Blocks” and “Stack all the Blocks”
- Added Warped Fungus on a Stick to “All the Items” and “Stack all the Items”
- Updated “Fake Fortress” so now it additionally requires Nether Brick Walls and Red Nether Brick Slabs, Stairs and Walls, and no longer requires Nether Wart Blocks. Its description has also been updated to reflect this.

Bugs fixed in 1.9.4:
- Fixed none of the criteria in “Feeling Ill” triggering properly.
- Updated for 20w12a use.
- Added the following advancements: “Twisted”, “Nugget in a Biscuit”, “Gotta Go Fast!”, “Anchorman”, “The Struggle Nether Ends”.
- Added Twisting Vines to “Hell Botanist".
- Added Nether Gold Ore to “Oresome!”
- Added Twisting Vines, Nether Gold Ore, Polished Basalt and Respawn Anchor to “All the Blocks” and “Stack all the Blocks”.
- Added Soul Speed to boots in “Master Armorer” and to “Complete Enchanter”, “Master Enchanter” and “Ultimate Enchanter”.
- You can now get “Master Knight” and “Master Axeman” by having Smite V or Bane of Arthropods V instead of Sharpness V.
- “Radioactive” is no longer a ‘goal’ advancement.
- Fixed the reward function for “Olaf” giving snow layers when it should be giving snow blocks.
- Renamed “Astronaut” to “Ad Astra”.
- Updated the description of “Sweet Dreams” to say “Sleep in a bed to change your respawn point”.
BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 1.10 Beta Build 1, which is a beta for Minecraft 1.16's snapshots, is now available to download in the description.

- Added many new advancements. Many are related to the Nether Update. There are also a few related to naming things on an anvil and a smattering of community-suggested advancements.
- Credit goes to: ChromeNIK, VoltyMn, Fiery_Crystal, VladCrystal, Personnedu59, CraftyGamer_ and miner_niner13 for some ideas.
BlazeandCave’s Advancements:
Building: “Grass Type”, “Shroom Lightyear”, “Cerulean!”, “Let There Be Light!”
Mining: “Oresome!”
Animals: “Foilage”, “Going Down the Rabbit Hole”, “Just Keeps Going”, “Nest, Quick!”
Monsters: “Paleontologist”, “Impossible…”, “Family Reunion”, “Bone-to-party”
Weaponry: “Loser!”
Biomes: “So Long & Thanks For The Fish”
Adventure: “I just want to make toast!”, “What’s Up Doc?”, “Nyan Sheep”, “Slenderman”, “The one and true Johnny”, “Prime Specimen”, “Council of Crafters”
Redstone: “Target Acquired”, “Bullseye”, “Sharpshooter”
Enchanting: “This name sounds cooler”, “I’ll be back”, “God of Thunder”, “A rather pointy fence post”, “Master Digger”, “Master Axeman”, “Master Farmer”
Statistics: “Mob Hunter”, “Bloodthirsty”, “Kill or be Killed”
Nether: “Stem Research”, “What a Fungi!”, “Don’t Blink”, “I am Root”, “What about Corruption Planks?”, “Welcome to Warp Zone!”, “The Nether Regions”, “Hell Botanist”, “Spreading Corruption”, “Roadhog”, “When Hoglins Breed”, “Whole Hog”, “Giddy Up!”, “Cultural Misunderstandings”, “Radioactive”, “We Got a Live One!”, “When Piglins Fly”, “Electrifying Alliance”, “Time to Fire Back”, “Burnt Right Into Your Soul”, “Let Me Out!”, “The Descent”, “Nether Say Die”, “Holy Scrap!”, “Diamonds Are Not Forever”, “MOAR Upgraded Tools”, “A Knight to Nether Forget”, “Fool Me Twice”, “Archaeologist”, “Master Archaeologist”
The End: “What For?”, “In Your Face, Neil Armstrong”, “Organizational Wizard”
Super Challenges: “Constellation”, “Hearts of the Stack”, “The Devil’s Distance”, “Astronaut”, “Dragon vs Wither: The Pre-Sequel”

- Updated many advancement requirements with the new blocks, items and mobs.
  - Added all the new blocks and items to “All the Blocks”, “Stack all the Blocks”, “All the Items” and “Stack all the Items”.
  - Added Crimson and Warped slabs and stairs to “Cut In Half”, “Slabs for Days”, “Stairs? NOOO!”, “Ah my old enemy”.
  - Added Crimson and Warped doors, trapdoors, signs, fences to “Your Door Was Locked”, “It’s a Trap!”, “It’s a Sign!” and “En Garde!” respectively.
  - Added Targets, Crimson and Warped buttons, pressure plates, doors, trapdoors, and fence gates to “Engineer” and “Master Engineer”.
  - Added Piglins and Hoglins to “Monster Hunter”, “Monsters Hunted”, “Hell Hunter”, “Master Shieldsman”, “Demolitions   Expert”, “Indiana Jones”, “Poseidon vs Hades”, “Death from All”, “Potion Master”, “Biological Warfare”, “Highway to Hell”, “Endergeddon”.
  - Added Hoglins to “Overpopulation” and “The Mighty Hunter”.
  - Added Netherite armor to “Where are all your clothes?”
  - Added all the Netherite tools (as well as Shears and Flint and Steel which weren’t in it due to a bug) to “MOAR Broken Tools”.
  - Added the Netherite Shovel to “We’ve broken our last shovel” and “Shovel Knight”.
  - Added the Netherite Axe to “Axeman” and “Viking”.
  - Added Netherite Blocks to “Mineral Collection”.
  - Netherite items can now be used as well as Diamond items in “Master Knight”, “Master Miner” and “Master Armorer”.

- “Portable Storage” can now be obtained by obtaining any color of shulker box instead of just an undyed one.
- Fixed reward functions always turning off when you load the world.
- Optimised some more of the commands in the “one_second_timer” function, which should improve performance on servers further.
- Fixed the bac_day_count scoreboard not incrementing, thus making the “Passing the Time” and “Happy Birthday” advancements unobtainable.
- Fixed “Free Diver” and “Sleep with the Fishes” not triggering because when they were moved to the one_second_timer function the required time to achieve them was still in ticks (meaning you needed to stay underwater 20 times longer than you needed).
- Updated translations into Chinese and Russian for the 1.9 version of the datapack have been added to the BACAP Language Pack, courtesy of EddieT and SoSeDiK respectively. The download for the updated pack is in the description.
- Renamed the “Beginning” tab to the “BlazeandCave's Advancements” tab (internally named “bacap”).
- Now contains a long list of new ‘milestone’ advancements that are awarded upon completing every single advancement in one tab.
- These are: “Mining Milestone”, “Building Milestone”, “Farming Milestone”, “Animal Milestone”, “Monsters Milestone”, “Weaponry Milestone”, “Biomes Milestone”, “Adventure Milestone”, “Redstone Milestone”, “Enchanting Milestone”, “Statistics Milestone”, “Nether Milestone”, “Potions Milestone”, “End Milestone” and “Super Challenges Milestone”.
- Lastly, “Advancement Legend” is awarded upon completing every advancement in the datapack (aside from Advancement Legend itself, of course...).
- All of these advancements become visible upon completing "Benchmarking".
- Added a new setting scoreboard objective named “bac_settings”. The reward function setting now uses this, as well as two new settings which set how often the milestone advancements and advancement scoreboards are updated.
- Changed all scoreboard objectives to include “bac_” at the beginning of their names to avoid clashing with other datapacks that may use the same scoreboard objectives. Most notably, “Advancements” has been changed to “bac_advancements”.
- Because of this, the advancement scoreboard and reward functions now have slightly different commands to use.
- Updated all statistics-based advancements to use predicates. Because of this, most statistics-based scoreboard objectives have been removed.
- Renamed the following advancements. Many were renamed because their names were too long.
- “How to stop a rhino from charging” → “I am Ravager, hear me ROAR!”.
- “Dragon vs Dragon II: Electric Boogaloo” → “Dragon vs Dragon II”.
- “Legend of the Hell Chicken Rider” → “Legend of Hell Chicken Riders”.
- “Breaking the Law of Conservation of Matter” → “Scientific Inaccuracy”.
- “Do you want to build a snowman?” → “Olaf” (with its description changed to “Do you want to build a snow golem?”).
- “Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom” → “Mushroom, mushroom!”.
- “Not for creating copies of yourself” → “Agent Smithing Table”.
- “Farrier” → “Foal Play”.
- “Power of the Ocean” → “Moskstraumen”, like in Bedrock Edition.
- “Oh, look, it dings!” and “Hell's Bells” now require you to ring a bell instead. Their descriptions have been updated to reflect this.
- The positions of “Shield Luck” and “Flying Colors” have been swapped around.
- Rearranged some of the other plant-based advancements in the Farming tab so they all come after “Care for the Environment”
- Fixed "The First Night" not triggering if you sleep in a bed to skip the night. WARNING: It can trigger if you use the /time command.
- Fixed "Bee Our Guest" not incrementing the Advancements scoreboard upon obtaining.
- Fixed "Superhero of the Village" not being counted when running the "update_score" function.
- Fixed "Stack all the Items" not being counted at all and "Stack all the Blocks" being counted twice when running the "update_score" function.

BACAP Language Resource Pack 1.9 changelog:
- Updated the base_language_file with the new changes in 1.9.