BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 1.12.4

This is an update to the beta version, which you can download in the description above. The main download still contains the latest stable release.

- Added a new scoreboard setting that enables disabling of the welcome message that appears when entering a world with the datapack installed for the first time. This is enabled by default and should only be disabled on large servers that already have a message of their own.
- Fixed “Controlled Detonation”, “Miracle Drink” and “Dead Really Don’t Die” not being included in “Monsters Milestone” or “Advancement Legend”.
- Fixed “Dead Really Don’t Die” not having a reward function or being included in the update_score function. This advancement was so invisible and forgotten it wasn’t even mentioned in 1.11 Beta Build 1’s changelog.
- “Hyper-healing”, “Nocturnal”, “The Invisible Player”, “True Feather Falling” and “Tank” now all use the consume_item trigger instead of effects_changed so you now need to specifically drink their potions and cannot achieve these advancements by obtaining these effects by other means (most notably, eating a Golden Apple will no longer give you “Hyper-healing”. It also means using splash or lingering potions will not work).
- Fixed the Cartographer’s Quill being incorrectly named the “Catrographer’s Quill”.

BACAP Language Pack 1.11
- Updated the base_language_file to include all new advancements and description changes in both 1.11 and in the Hardcore-Friendly Version. It also includes all new trophies introduced in this update.
- Updated Pirate Speak and LOLCAT translations.

Hardcore-Friendly Version 1.11 Beta Build 3
- Updated “Et, tu, Brute?” to the Hardcore-Friendly version so that you now only have to get attacked by Piglin Brutes.
This is an update to the beta version, which you can download in the description above. The main download still contains the latest stable release.

- Added trophies for “Monsters Hunted”, “Veteran of the Village” and “Biological Warfare”.
- Different trophies that are the same item now each have a different CustomModelData.
- Removed the requirement for opening a Village Shepherd Chest from “I am Loot!” since no shepherd house actually contains a village shepherd chest with the exception of the snowy variant, which due to a bug never generates.
- Fixed getting the trophy for “Warlock” from “Constellation” and the trophy for “Abyss Lord” from “Hearts of the Stack”.
- Fixed “Stockbroker”’s trophy listing the wrong advancement in its lore.
- Fixed “Ring of the End”’s trophy listing the advancement it comes from twice.
- Fixed the reward for “Getting Wood” listing “+2 Oak Wood” when it is really “+2 Oak Logs”.
- Changed the reward for “The Mighty Jungle” from 8 Jungle Wood to 8 Jungle Logs.

BACAP Language Pack
- Added Portuguese translations courtesy of Ralph10.
This is a beta version, which you can download in the description. The main download still contains the latest stable release.

- Added Trophies. Trophies are special unique items that are awarded upon completing some challenges. Trophy items generally do not serve a purpose other than bragging rights.
-- Trophies can be toggled on in a similar way to item rewards using the following command: /scoreboard players set trophy bac_settings 1. They can be toggled separately from general item rewards so you can choose to have one or the other, or both or none.
-- Special thanks to the following people for helping by coming up with trophy ideas: Fiery_Crystal, BlackBird_6, FixingGlobe, YagoCrack_YT, Ashm45, Wolfguy2005 and llamas22.

- Added the following new advancements:
BlazeandCave’s Advancements: “Time to Dig!”
Mining: “Diamonds to you!”
Building: “One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four”, “Harry Potter”
Farming: “Unmasked”
Animals: “Delicious Fish”, “Milkshroom”, “Live and Let Dye”, “Foxy Thievery”, “Lead the Way!”, “Beeloons!”, “Leader of the Animals”
Biomes: “Echolocation”, “Lion Hunter”
Adventure: “Your Daily Fix”, “I’m not lost anymore!”
Monsters: “Controlled Detonation”, “Miracle Drink”
Weaponry: “Half-Heart Life”
Nether: “Brute Force”, “Et tu, Brute?”, “Lava Fishing”, “Nether Rock Collection”
The End:
Super Challenges:

- “The Mighty Jungle” can now trigger if you enter a Bamboo Jungle or Bamboo Jungle Hills.
- Fixed opening village chests not counting towards “I am Loot”.
- Changed “You Lead, I’ll Follow” so you need to leash a llama to get it. Updated its description to reflect this, and moved its location to after “Beeloons!”.
- Changed “Have a Shearful Day” so you obtain it when shearing a sheep instead. Updated its description to reflect this.
- Changed “Stayin’ Frosty” so you obtain it when in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect, now matching Bedrock. Updated its description to reflect this.
- Changed the name of the existing “Diamonds to you!” advancement to “Diemonds!”.
- Added Ukrainian translations (courtesy of PurpleBear)
- Updated French translations for 1.10 (updated by Chucky2401)
- Updated Chinese translations for 1.10 (updated by SleepyAsh)
- Updated Russian translations to change some names and descriptions (updated by SoSeDiK and vlad8599).
- Fixed "We Got a Live One!" triggering upon killing any mob in the Overworld.
- Updated for 1.16.2 use.
- Added a custom datapack icon which will appear when adding datapacks to a new world upon its creation.
- Added Piglin Brutes to “Monster Hunter”, “Monsters Hunted”, “Hell Hunter”, “Master Shieldsman”, “Demolitions Expert”, “Indiana Jones”, “Poseidon vs Hades”, “Death from All”, “Potion Master”, “Biological Warfare”, “Highway to Hell”, “Endergeddon”.
- Piglin Brutes can also be used to get “We Got a Live One!” or “When Piglins Fly”.
- Fixed killing a Player, Stray, Piglin or Piglin Brute not triggering “Trick or Treat”.
- Fixed Crimson, Warped and Polished Blackstone Pressure Plates not triggering “Under Pressure”.
- Fixed “A Weak Brew”, “Medic!”, “Marine Marauder”, “Performance-Enhancing Drugs” and “Super Strength” not triggering if you brew a Level II or Extended variant of their potions.
- Fixed “Time to Mine!”, “Time to Strike!”, “Time to Farm!” and “Time to Chop!” not triggering if you obtain a Netherite tool or sword first.
- Fixed “Bullseye” triggering no matter how far you are from the target block upon hitting its bullseye.
- Updated the pack_format from 5 to 6.
- Refused to change “Serious Dedication”.

BACAP Language Pack 1.10.2
- Updated the pack_format from 5 to 6.
- Updated Spanish translations to fix some mistakes.

Hardcore-Friendly Version 1.10.2
- Added Piglin Brutes to “Death from All”.
- Updated the pack_format from 5 to 6.
- Fixed every modified advancement triggering upon taking damage from any entity.
- Fixed the hardcore_install function not properly putting the Hardcore-Friendly datapack with a higher priority than the base datapack.
Base datapack changelog:
- Updated the datapack to be compatible with the Hardcore-Friendly Version.
- Moved Lily-Pads from “Treasure Hunter” to “What a piece of junk!”.
- Fixed “Jumping Jacks” triggering after only 10,000 jumps when it should be triggering after 100,000 jumps.
- Fixed the reward for “Archaeologist” so it now properly gives 8 Ancient Debris instead of just 1.
- Refused to change “Serious Dedication”.

Hardcore-Friendly Version:
The Hardcore-Friendly Version is a separate datapack you install alongside BlazeandCave’s Advancements Pack, with the intent of making it possible to complete in hardcore mode.

It modifies the following advancements so that their requirements are changed so that you only need to take damage from these mobs (and Loser! being to take damage twice within ten seconds)

Monsters: “Aww man”
Weaponry: “Loser!”
Biomes: “Kung Fu Panda”, “So Long & Thanks For The Fish”
Adventure: “Rekt!”
Nether: “Whole Hog”
End: “The Actual End”
Super Challenges: “Death From All”

Note that (currently) the descriptions won’t translate in the Language Pack.

You must update your world's version of the datapack to the latest version (1.10.1) otherwise it may not work properly.

When installing, make sure to run this command:
/function blazeandcave:hardcore_install
- Updated for 1.16 use.
- Added many new advancements. Many are related to the Nether Update. There are also a few related to naming things on an anvil and a smattering of community-suggested advancements.
- Credit goes to: ChromeNIK, VoltyMn, Fiery_Crystal, VladCrystal, Personnedu59, CraftyGamer_ and miner_niner13 for some ideas.
BlazeandCave’s Advancements:
Mining: “Dungeons and Spawners”, “Steals on Wheels”, “Delcious, Hot Schmoes!”, “Oresome!”
Building: “Grass Type”, “Shroom Lightyear”, “Cerulean!”, “Let There Be Light!”, “No Chain, No Gain”, “Blackstonehenge”, “Colors of the Wind”
Farming: “Natural Fertilliser”, “Combine Harvester”, “What’s new with composting?”, “A Gluttonous Diet”
Animals: “Foilage”, “Going Down the Rabbit Hole”, “Just Keeps Going”, “Nest, Quick!”, “Heavy Duty Caravan”, “Save the Turtles!”
Biomes: “So Long & Thanks For The Fish”
Adventure: “Now You’re Thinking With Portals”, “I just want to make toast!”, “What’s Up Doc?”, “Nyan Sheep”, “Slenderman”, “The one and true Johnny”, “Prime Specimen”, “Redemption Arc”, “Council of Crafters”, “Workaholic”, “I am Loot”
Monsters: “Paleontologist”, “Impossible…”, “Family Reunion”, “Bone-to-party”
Weaponry: “Loser!”, “Multiclassed”, “Pyrotechnic”, “My eyes!”, “Who ya gonna call?”
Redstone: “Target Acquired”, “Target Practise”, “Bullseye”
Enchanting: “This name sounds cooler”, “I’ll be back”, “God of Thunder”, “A rather pointy fence post”, “Gotta Go Fast!”, “Handmade Blinding”, “Master Digger”, “Master Axeman”, “Master Farmer”
Statistics: “Mob Hunter”, “Bloodthirsty”, “Kill or be Killed”, “Taking It In Stride”, “Who Needs Boats?”, “This Ride is Lit, Yo!”
Nether: “Stem Research”, “What a Fungi!”, “I am Root”, “Don’t Blink”, “Twisted”, “What about Corruption Planks?”, “Welcome to Warp Zone!”, “Hot Tourist Destination”, “Hell Botanist”, “Spreading Corruption”, “The Struggle Nether Ends”, “Roadhog”, “When Hoglins Breed”, “Whole Hog”, “Giddy Up!”, “Zork Chop”, “This Boat Has Legs”, “Bobbleheads”, “This One’s Mine!”, “Oh, Shiny!”, “Cultural Misunderstandings”, “Who Is Cutting Onions?”, “Anchorman”, “Not Quite ‘Nine’ Lives”, “We Got a Live One!”, “When Piglins Fly”, “Electrifying Alliance”, “Time to Fire Back”, “From Whence It Came!”, “Those Were The Days”, “War Pigs”, “Gilty!”, “Wub wub wub”, “Nugget in a Biscuit”, “Dark Ages”, “Burnt Right Into Your Soul”, “A Soul For A Soul”, “Let Me Out!”, “Inception”, “The Descent”, “Nether Say Die”, “Holy Scrap!”, “Diamonds Are Not Forever”, “MOAR Upgraded Tools”, “A Knight to Nether Forget”, “Soul Runnings!”, “Fool Me Twice”, “Get a Lode Of This!”, “Country Lode, Take Me Home”, “Lodes of Applications”, “Archaeologist”
Potions: “Failed Concoctions”
The End: “What For?”, “Ring of the End”, “In Your Face, Neil Armstrong”, “Organizational Wizard”, “A Wizard’s Breakfast”
Super Challenges: “Constellation”, “Hearts of the Stack”, “The Devil’s Distance”, “Ad Astra”, “Dragon vs Wither: The Pre-Sequel”

- Updated the advancement scoreboard, reward functions, and milestone advancements with all the new advancements added.
- Updated the milestone advancements to use the player condition check, which thus removes all functions and scoreboard settings relating to them.
- Greatly reorganised the Nether tab to accommodate the mammoth amount of new advancements.
- Updated many advancement requirements with the new blocks, items and mobs.
- Added all the new blocks and items to “All the Blocks”, “Stack all the Blocks”, “All the Items” and “Stack all the Items”.
- Added Crimson, Warped, Blackstone, Polished Blackstone, and Polished Blackstone Brick slabs and stairs to “Cut In Half”, “Slabs for Days”, “Stairs? NOOO!”, “Ah my old enemy”.
- Added Blackstone, Polished Blackstone and Polished Blackstone Brick Walls to “Crazy Walls”.
- Added Crimson and Warped doors, trapdoors, signs, fences to “Your Door Was Locked”, “It’s a Trap!”, “It’s a Sign!” and “En Garde!” respectively.
- Added Targets, Crimson and Warped buttons, pressure plates, doors, trapdoors, and fence gates, and Polished Blackstone buttons and pressure plates to “Engineer” and “Master Engineer”.
- Added Piglins, Hoglins and Zoglins to “Monster Hunter”, “Monsters Hunted”, “Hell Hunter”, “Master Shieldsman”, “Demolitions Expert”, “Indiana Jones”, “Poseidon vs Hades”.
- Elder Guardians, Withers and Ender Dragons have also been added to “Monster Hunter” and “Monsters Hunted” to match vanilla.
- Added Hoglins and Striders to “Overpopulation” and “The Mighty Hunter”.
- Added Piglins, Hoglins, Striders and Zoglins to “Death from All”, “Potion Master”, “Biological Warfare”, “Highway to Hell”, “Endergeddon”.
- Added Netherite armor to “Where are all your clothes?”
- Added all the Netherite tools, Warped Fungus on a Stick, Shears and Flint and Steel (the latter two weren’t in it due to a bug) to “MOAR Broken Tools”.
- Added the Netherite Shovel to “We’ve broken our last shovel” and “Shovel Knight”.
- Added the Netherite Axe to “Axeman” and “Viking”.
- “Bring Down The Beast” can now be triggered if you use a Netherite Sword.
- Added Netherite Blocks to “Mineral Collection”.
- Netherite items can now be used as well as Diamond items in “Master Knight”, “Master Miner” and “Master Armorer”.
- Added Soul Speed to boots in “Master Armorer” and to “Complete Enchanter”, “Master Enchanter” and “Ultimate Enchanter”
- Added Piglin Banner Patterns to “Fruit of the Looms”.
- Updated the description of “Fruit of the Looms” to say you need to obtain the banner patterns instead of craft them since two of them (Globe and Piglin) are not craftable.
- Added the Pigstep Music Disc to “Music To My Ears” and “Disc Jockey”. Updated their descriptions to reflect this.
- Added Ruined Portals and Bastion Remnants to “Raidin’ Master”.
- Added Dungeons to “Raidin’ Master”, which is triggered by opening a Dungeon loot chest.
- Updated “X Marks the Spot” and the Buried Treasure component of “Raidin’ Master” so it now requires opening a Buried Treasure loot chest. Updated its description to reflect this.
- “Stone Age” can now be achieved by obtaining Blackstone.
- You can now get “Master Knight” by having Smite V or Bane of Arthropods V instead of Sharpness V.
- Armor-related advancements that require you to equip a suit of armor now require you to actually put the armor piece on.
-- “Suit Up”, “Living Like Kings” and “Cover Me With Diamonds” requires you to wear one piece of armor.
-- “Iron Man” and “Diamond Clad” now require you to wear all four pieces of armor at once. Slightly changed the description of “Iron Man” to reflect this.
- Updated the following advancements to use the new “item_used_on_block” trigger:
-- “Bee Our Guest” to use it like vanilla’s.
-- “Pathways”, so it is now triggered when using a shovel to turn Grass into Grass Paths instead of simply walking on Grass Paths.
-- “Lost its Bark” and “Stripper”, which are now triggered by using an axe to strip wood and logs respectively. Updated the description of “Stripper” to fit this.
-- “Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble” and “Washing Machine” which no longer use statistics-based predicates.
-- “Music To My Ears” and “Disc Jockey” to be to play music discs in a jukebox. Updated their descriptions to fit this.
- Updated “Fake Fortress” so now it additionally requires Nether Brick Walls, Chiseled Nether Bricks, Cracked Nether Bricks, Red Nether Brick Slabs, Stairs and Walls, and no longer requires Nether Wart Blocks. Its description has also been updated to reflect this.
- Added Quartz Bricks and all forms of Smooth Quartz to “Greek Art Decor”. Also updated its description to reflect this.
- Added Prismarine, Dark Prismarine and Prismarine Brick Slabs, Stairs and Walls to “Fake Monument”.
- Removed Modified Jungle Edge from “Explorer of Worlds” for reasonable balancing.
- Removed all statistics-based predicates and advancements that used them now use the player check.
- Increased the distance needed to gain the distance-by-elytra statistical advancements to 10km, 100km and 1000km.
- Reduced the levels needed to gain “XP Grinder” from 1000 to 300.
- Changed “Marathon” so it is achieved upon sprinting exactly 42km and 195 metres instead (the exact marathon distance). Updated its description to reflect this.
- “Portable Storage” can now be obtained by obtaining any color of shulker box instead of just an undyed one.
- You now only need to get Bad Omen V to achieve “War Is Coming” since Bad Omen VI is now no longer attainable.
- Fixed “Olaf” not being required for “Farming Milestone”.
- Fixed the reward function for “Olaf” giving snow layers when it should be giving snow blocks.
- Fixed using the “update_score” function not always resetting scores properly in multiplayer.
- Fixed Bats, Trader Llamas and Turtles not being required for “The Mighty Hunter”.
- Fixed not obtaining “Powerful Light” if you placed a redstone torch on a wall.
- Fixed some of the Variant values in “Tropical Collection” being wrong because the wiki lists them incorrectly (thanks Personnedu59).
- The values changed were: 67371265 to 67371009, 117441536 to 117441793, 117441280 to 67699456, 134217984 to 459008.
- Fixed consuming honey bottles not resetting the timer for “Castaway” (thanks QuasiStellar).
- Removed Endermen from “Potion Master” and “Biological Warfare” since they cannot be hit by splash or lingering potions.
- Fixed “The World Is Ending” not triggering.
- Fixed “Event Horizon” sometimes triggering if you die below the void.
- Fixed “Titanic” only triggering if you find a shipwreck in a Deep Frozen Ocean biome, it can now trigger upon finding a shipwreck in a Frozen Ocean biome too.
- Fixed Sandstone Walls and Campfires not counting towards “All the Blocks” and “Stack all the Blocks”
- Fixed Elytra and Flint and Steel not counting towards “All the Items” and “Stack all the Items”.
- Fixed “Furious Ammunition” not requiring the Slowness IV tipped arrow.
- “Camouflage” now works with the Ender Dragon.
- Changed “Kilometre Walk” so it is a task advancement, “Ten Thousand Blocks” so it is a goal advancement, and “Voyage” so it is no longer hidden.
- “Shovel Knight” is now a goal advancement.
- “No! Don’t let me leave, Murph!” is no longer hidden.
- Moved “Artillery” to be after “Who’s the Pillager Now?”
- Renamed the advancement “Magic Book” to “Knowledge is Power” (thanks Master_J_2003).
- Updated the description of “Sweet Dreams” to say “Sleep in a bed to change your respawn point”.
- Updated the descriptions of “We’ve broken our last shovel”, “Axeman” and “Shovel Knight” to say there are 6 items required.
- Changed the descriptions of “Mollusc Man” and “Captain Etho” to be more clear.
- Updated the message that appears when you first load the world to look more fancy, as well as include social media links and a list of all Chain Command Block patrons and higher.
- Refused to change “Serious Dedication”.
- Updated for 1.16 Pre-Release 8 use.
- Updated the advancements “What’s Up, Doc?”, “Nyan Sheep”, “I just want to make Toast!”, to use the new “player_interacted_with_entity” trigger.
- “Oh, Shiny!” can now be obtained by right-clicking a Piglin with a gold ingot.
- “No! Don’t let me leave, Murph!” is now no longer hidden.
- Refused to change “Serious Dedication”.

Language Pack
- Updated Russian translations with all new advancements and description changes added in 1.10.
- Fixed “Mushroom, Mushroom!” being incorrectly labelled as “Mushroom, mushroom!” in the base language file.