BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 1.12.4

- Updated for 21w07a use.
- Added the following advancements: “A Grim Decision”, “Grim Reaper”.
- Added Grimstone to “Rock Collection”.
- Added all the new Grimstone blocks to “All the Blocks” and “Stack all the Blocks”.
- Added the new slabs, stairs and walls to “Cut In Half”, “Stairs? NOOOOO!”, “Slabs For Days”, “Ah, My Old Enemy…” and “Crazy Walls”.
- Added Cave Vines/Glow Berries to “Combine Harvester”.
- Changed “Rock Bottom” so that you need to reach y-level -59 or lower in the Overworld instead of 5 or lower.
- Changed “Sky High” so you need to go above y-level 325 instead of 260.
- Changed “Top of the World” so in the Overworld you need to place scaffolding at y-level 319 instead of 255 (in the Nether and the End, it can still be placed at y-level 255).
- Changed “Council of Crafters” so in the Overworld you need to trade with a villager at y-level 319 or higher instead of 255 (in the Nether and the End, it can still be placed at y-level 255).
- Changed “Skyblock” so you need to place a grass block at y-level 280 or higher instead of 200.
- Changed “The Point of No Return” and “Event Horizon” so that it only works in the End.
- Changed “Swine Sailing” so you need to ride a pig riding a boat riding a minecart now. Yes, this is possible. Also updated its description to reflect this.
- Fixed “Setting Up the Mood” triggering whenever you place any block by changing it so that it now entails lighting candles with Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge. Updated its description to reflect this.
- Fixed “Overkill” and “Over-Overkill” still triggering whenever a ghast fireball is used to destroy a ghast. In order to do this, both advancements were also changed so that they can only be achieved with melee blows.
- Fixed “Flashy Items” having the incorrect description (the same as Neon Sign).
- Refused to change “Serious Dedication”.
The first Alpha Build for Minecraft 1.17's snapshots is now here! It will work in snapshots 21w05b and 21w06a. However, it is a very early build and some things are subject to change (hence why it is called an 'Alpha Build' when in the past normally the early releases are referred to as 'Betas')

In addition, if you upgrade a world that used an older version of this datapack to this alpha build, a large number of advancements' progress will reset. This is intentional as part of some internal overhauls.

- Added many new advancements related to the Caves and Cliffs update.
BlazeandCave’s Advancements:
Mining: “Coppers and Robbers”, “Budget Channeling”, “Don’t Come a Copper!”, “Copper Miner”, “Master Copper Miner”, “Wax On, Wax Off”, “The Statue of Liberty”, “Sly Copper: The Copper Heist”, “G.I. Geode”, “Tuff Stuff”, “Good For Your Bones”, “Galileo Figaro”, “Blackout”, “Amethyst Miner”, “Filthy Lich”, “That’s the point!”, “This Dirt is Dirtier”, “A Shiny Treat”, “Leaflet Drop”, “Iggy”, “Particle Fan”, “Lush Hour”
Building: “Setting up the mood”, “The Ritual Begins”, “Happy Birthday!”, “Hot Tub”, “Skyblock”
Farming: “One-course meal”, “An Apple a Day”
Animals: “Humble Bundle”, “Swine Sailing”, “Llama Festival”
Biomes: “This Snow is Snowier”, “Powder-full”, “Cephalight”, “Neon Sign”, “Flashy Items”, “Iceologer Should’ve Won”, “Cutie in a Bucket”, “Axolittle”, “Axolotl of them”, “Axeolotl”, “Thanks a lotl” (note: Glow Squid and Axolotl advancements may be moved to a different tab once more information about their spawning conditions arises)
Adventure: “Buy Low, Sell High”, “Justice”
Monsters: “Poultry Boy”, “Pupil Poppers”
Weaponry: “It’s time consuming”, “Inspector Gadget”, “Rock, Paper, Shears”
Redstone: “Take Notes”, “Noteworthy”, “Vibe Check” (note: “Vibe Check” may be moved to a different tab once more information about the Deep Dark arises)
Statistics: “The Haggler”, “Big Spender”, “STONKS!”
Nether: “Ancient Restoration”, “Hot Spring”, “Polar Opposites”, “Instant Mining”
The End:
Super Challenges: “The Perfect Run”

- Added Axolotls to “Overpopulation” and “Follow the Leader”.
- Added Axolotls and Glow Squids to “The Aquatic Hunter”.
- Added Axolotls and Glow Squids to “Highway to Hell”, “Endergeddon”, “Potion Master” and “Biological Warfare”.
- Added all the new blocks and items to “All the Blocks”, “Stack all the Blocks”, “All the Items” and “Stack all the Items”.
- Added Copper Ore to “Oresome!”.
- Added Copper Blocks and Blocks of Amethyst to “Mineral Collection”.
- Added all the new slabs and stairs to “Cut In Half”, “Stairs? NOOOOO!”, “Slabs For Days”, “Ah, My Old Enemy…”.
- Added Calcite, Tuff, and Dripstone to “Rock Collection”.
- Added Amethyst Clusters, Buds, Glow Lichen, Glow Berries and every type of Candle to “Let There Be Light!”.
- Added Glow Lichen and Dripleaves to “Combine Harvester”.
- Added Glow Berries, Spore Blossoms, Small Dripleaf, Big Dripleaf, Moss Carpet, Moss Block, Azalea, Flowering Azalea, Azalea Leaves, Flowering Azalea Leaves and Hanging Roots to “What’s new with composting?”.
- Added Azalea Leaves and Flowering Azalea Leaves to “Trimming the Treetops”.
- Added Glow Berries to “Vegetarian”, “A Balanced Diet” and “A Gluttonous Diet”.
- Added Sculk Sensors to “Engineer” and “Master Engineer”.

- Moved some advancements in the Mining tab to other tabs to make room for new Caves and Cliffs advancements.
→ Building tab: “Camping Out”, “Delicious, Hot Schmoes!”, “Spawn Camping”, “Its original form”, “Smooth, dude!”, “Blast it!”, “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!”, “Washing Machine”, “Sharpening Station”, “Classic Pocket Edition Block”, “Agent Smithing Table”
→ Adventure tab: “Beethoven”

- Moved the following advancements to the Super Challenges tab: “Explorer of Worlds”, “I am Loot!”, “Stockbroker”, “Ultimate Enchanter”, and “How Did We Get Here?”

- Other advancements that have been moved from one tab to another tab are:
-- Animals tab → Farming tab: “Trimming the Treetops”, “Foilage”, “Yay! Deadbush!”
-- Monsters tab → Nether tab: “Legend of Hell Chicken Riders”

- Cleaned up the Building tab’s branches a bit to reduce vertical scrolling (mostly to accommodate the new advancements that arrived from the Mining tab)
-- Moved “Help! I’ve been framed!” after “A Masterpiece!”.
-- Moved “Expensive!” after “Electric!”.
-- Moved “The Jungler” after “Professor Birch”.
-- Moved “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!” after “Agent Smithing Table”.

- Cleaned up the Mining tab’s branches a bit as well so the new content fits
-- Moved “DIAM - oh, wait no” after “Hot Topic”.
-- Moved “Bling Bling Gone” and “Gold Miner” after “Living Like Kings”.
-- Moved “Cover Me With Diamonds” after “Iconic Merchandising Prop”.
-- Moved “Diamonds to you!” after “Diamond Miner”.
-- Moved “Rest In Pickaxes” after “Even MOAR Tools”.

- Other advancements that have been moved within a tab are:
-- “For you, my sweet” is now after the root of the “Biomes” tab.
-- “Thin Ice!” is now after “Powder-full”.
-- “Ecologist” is now after “Ultra Hardcore”.
-- “Combine Harvester” is now after “One-course meal”.
-- “Getting Into a Stew” is now after “Humble Bundle”.
-- “Heavy Duty Caravan” is now after “Llama Festival”.
-- “Master Trader” is now after “Lilypad Hatter”, where “Stockbroker” formerly was.
-- “War Is Coming” is now after “Buy Low, Sell High”.
-- “Overkill” is now after “Needle Sharp”.
-- “Magma Cube Squisher” is now after “Legend of Hell Chicken Riders”.

- Advancements whose internal names were inconsistent with their actual name had their internal names corrected. Most notably this includes the entire “Monsters” tab, which was formerly known internally as the “combat” tab and is now known as the “monsters” tab.
-- “Aww it broke!”: oh_noes → aww_it_broke.
-- “DIAM - oh, wait no”: the_wrong_shade_of_blue → diam_oh_wait_no.
-- “Writer’s Block”: speech_speech_speech → writers_block.
-- “Olaf”: do_you_want_to_build_a_snowman → olaf.
-- “Mushroom, Mushroom!”: mushroom_mushroom_mushroom_mushroom → mushroom_mushroom.
-- “Knowledge is Power”: magic_book → knowledge_is_power.
-- “Fuel Engine”: completely_useless_fuel_engine → fuel_engine.
-- “Heavy Metal”: old_cartoon_joke → heavy_metal.
-- “Legend of Hell Chicken Riders”: legend_of_the_hell_chicken_rider → legend_of_hell_chicken_riders.
-- “Medic!”: i_need_healing → medic.

- Updated the internal requirements for all biome-related advancements to be consistent with the biome id’s (previously they were the same as 1.12’s biome id’s).
- Greatly reorganised the Super Challenges tab.
- “How Did We Get Here?” is no longer hidden.
- Fixed “Diamonds to you!” triggering if you drop a diamond and then pick it up yourself.
- Fixed “A Wizard’s Breakfast” and “Just Keeps Going” not resetting progress if you ate a slice of Cake or a Honey Bottle.
- “Ecologist” is now a goal instead of a task.
- “Heavy Duty Caravan” is now a challenge instead of a goal because it’s pretty darn hard.
- “Overkill” is now a goal instead of a challenge, and can no longer be obtained through explosive damage.
- “Take to the Skies” is now properly a task instead of a goal.
- “Hell Botanist” is now a goal instead of a challenge.

- Changed the description colours of some advancements:
-- Goal advancements are now blue.
-- Super Challenges are now red.
-- Milestone advancements are now yellow.
-- “Advancement Legend” is now gold.

- Renamed “The Haggler” to “Professional” to make room for the new “The Haggler” in the Statistics tab.
- Updated the description of “Pathways” so it reads to create Dirt Paths instead of Grass Paths.
- Fixed the reward text for the Finger Guns so it properly says you got 2 of them.
- Changed the trophy for “Zork Chop” (currently the only goal advancement to have a trophy) so that it’s advancement written in the lore is in the same blue colour as the description of goal advancements.
- The trophies for all Super Challenges (including those that were just moved to this tab) now have the name of those advancements written in a much brighter red text.
- Increased the experience amount rewarded for all Super Challenges. Super Challenges that awarded 200 or less experience now reward 500, and ones that rewarded 500 now reward 1000.
- Refused to change “Serious Dedication”.
- Advancement icons that use a custom player head now use the more advanced SkullOwner tag. This means there should not be as much lag when clicking on tabs that contain these advancements.
- Fixed “Revenge!” being unobtainable.
- Fixed “Gold Mine” often triggering when not being in an abandoned mineshaft.
- Fixed “Armor Display” and “Lava Fishing” not incrementing the advancements scoreboard upon being achieved.
- Changed “Oh, look it dings!” and “Hell’s Bells” to use the “item_used_on_block” trigger. “Oh, look it dings!” also now specifically requires ringing a bell in a village instead of just anywhere.
- Fixed the item reward for “The Melon! The Melon! The Melon!” being melon blocks when they were meant to be melon slices.
- The trophies for “What’s Up, Doc?”, “Nyan Sheep” and “Challenger’s Milestone” now use the more advanced SkullOwner tag like the advancement icons.
- Fixed “Happy New Year” not triggering.
- The grant_trophies function will now grant you trophies even if they are initially disabled, and will enable them after the function is run.
- Requirements for “Super Efficient”, “Fortunate Son”, “Needle Sharp”, “Undead Slayer”, “Bane of one-shotting spiders”, “Bow down to me!”, “Curses!”, “Armor for the Masses”, “Knocking your socks off”, “Scuba Gear”, “Fiery”, “Complete Enchanter”, “Master Enchanter” and “Ultimate Enchanter” can now be achieved by having enchantments on an enchanted book - it no longer has to be on a tool, weapon or armor piece.
- Fixed the “update_score” and “grant_trophies” functions not being updated with the renamed advancements from 1.11.2.

BACAP Language Pack 1.11.3
- Added Chinese (Traditional) translations courtesy of TorchGod.
- Updated French translations for 1.11.2.
- When summoning the Wither for “Dragon vs Wither: Pre-Sequel”, the player will now no longer be disqualified for touching the ground while the Wither is charging up to give them time to take off.
- Added Stone Brick and Mossy Stone Brick slabs, stairs and walls to “Fake Stronghold”. Updated its description to reflect this.
- “Marine Marauder” is no longer a goal and requires swimming in water while having the Water Breathing effect, similar to “Stayin’ Frosty”. Updated its description to reflect this.
- Changed “Spawn Camping” so it is no longer hidden and a goal advancement instead.
- “The Undead Cavalry” no longer requires killing a Skeleton Horse, instead you only have to ride it. Updated its description to reflect this.
- “Monsters Hunted” and other advancements that require killing all ‘hostile monsters’ through certain means no longer requires killing Skeleton Horses.
- “Legend of Hell Chicken Riders” can no longer be cheesed by just killing a chicken in the Nether. It specifically either requires killing a Zombie Pigman riding a Chicken or a Chicken being ridden by a Zombie Pigman.
- “Spider-Skeleton”, “Giddy Up!”, and “This One’s Mine!” no longer use commands to assign tags and now do entity checking in a similar way to “Legend of Hell Chicken Riders”.
- Changed the name of “Leader of the Animals” to “Follow the Leader”.
- Changed the name of “Eskimo” to “Barbearian”.
- Renamed the “Happy Birthday!” advancement to “Happy New Year!” and changed its icon.
- Removed some duplicate entries for the blast protection enchantment in “Complete Enchanter” and “Master Enchanter”
- Removed a duplicate entry for vindicators in “Indiana Jones”
- Fixed “What’s up doc?” and “Nyan Sheep” still giving Dinnerbone and jeb_ heads respectively as part of item rewards when they are now trophies.
- Fixed the trophies for “What’s up doc?” and “Nyan Sheep” having their advancements listed in pink text when it should be green.
- Fixed the trophy for “Potions Milestone” saying it is rewarded for achieving “Enchanting Milestone”.
- Nerfed the enchantments on some of the trophies:
-- The Golden Crown has Fortune III reduced to Fortune I.
-- The Super Rod has Unbreaking V reduced to Unbreaking III.
-- The 1000-degree knife has Fire Aspect V reduced to Fire Aspect II.
-- The Devil’s Pitchfork has Impaling V and Loyalty III reduced to Impaling III and Loyalty I.

BACAP Language Pack 1.11.2
- Added the renamed advancements and description changes from 1.11.2 to the base_language_file, Pirate Speak, and LOLCAT.
- Updated Portuguese and Russian translations for 1.11.
- Added a new config function that brings up an interactive menu in chat for toggling various settings and functions
-- It can toggle item rewards, trophies, and the intro message on and off, as well as put the advancement scoreboard on the sidebar or the tab list.
-- It can run the update_score function to update the advancement scoreboard.
-- It also can run a new function that grants all trophies for advancements that players have already completed so far. It is recommended to use in worlds that ran an earlier version of the datapack before updating to this one.
-- Special thanks to FixingGlobe for designing the first prototype of the config menu, based on a design by Moggla.
- Fixed “Time to Dig!” not being included in “Advancement Legend”.
- Fixed “Armor Display” not being included in milestone advancements, the update_score function, or having a reward function. This advancement was also super invisible and missed out on 1.11’s changelog.
- Fixed “Advancement Legend” still saying it gives Cavinator1’s head as a reward even though it had been moved to the trophy of “Challenges Milestone”.

BACAP Language Pack 1.11.1
- Fixed “Armor Display” and its description not being included in any language files.
- Updated French and Ukrainian translations for 1.11.
- Added Trophies. Trophies are special unique items that are awarded upon completing some challenges. Trophy items generally do not serve a purpose other than bragging rights.
-- Trophies can be toggled in a similar way to item rewards using the following command: /scoreboard players set trophy bac_settings <1 or 0>. They can be toggled separately from general item rewards so you can choose to have one or the other, or both or none.
-- Special thanks to the following people for helping by coming up with trophy ideas: Fiery_Crystal, BlackBird_6, FixingGlobe, YagoCrack_YT, Ashm45, Wolfguy2005 and llamas22.

- Added the following new advancements:
BlazeandCave’s Advancements: “Time to Dig!”
Mining: “Diamonds to you!”
Building: “One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four”, “Harry Potter”
Farming: “Unmasked”
Animals: “Delicious Fish”, “Milkshroom”, “Live and Let Dye”, “Foxy Thievery”, “Lead the Way!”, “Beeloons!”, “Leader of the Animals”
Biomes: “Echolocation”, “Lion Hunter”
Adventure: “Your Daily Fix”, “I’m not lost anymore!”
Monsters: “Controlled Detonation”, “Miracle Drink”, “Dead Really Don’t Die”
Weaponry: “Half-Heart Life”
Redstone: Nothing
Enchanting: Nothing
Statistics: Nothing
Nether: “Brute Force”, “Et tu, Brute?”, “Lava Fishing”, “Nether Rock Collection”
Potions: Nothing
The End: Nothing
Super Challenges: Nothing

- Trophies and Item Rewards are now turned on by default so players know about them.
- “The Mighty Jungle” can now trigger if you enter a Bamboo Jungle or Bamboo Jungle Hills.
- Fixed “Raise the Flag!” being obtainable just when you obtain a banner when its description says you have to place one.
- Fixed “Castaway” not resetting its timer if you eat cake.
- Fixed opening village chests not counting towards “I am Loot”.
- Removed the requirement for opening a Village Shepherd Chest from “I am Loot!” since no shepherd house actually contains a village shepherd chest with the exception of the snowy variant, which due to a bug never generates.
- Fixed killing Strays with a Jack-o-Lantern not achieving “Handsome Jack”.
- Changed “You Lead, I’ll Follow” so you need to leash a llama to get it. Updated its description to reflect this, and moved its location to after “Beeloons!”.
- Changed “Have a Shearful Day” so you obtain it when shearing a sheep instead. Updated its description to reflect this.
- Changed “Stayin’ Frosty” so you obtain it when in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect, now matching Bedrock. Updated its description to reflect this.
- “Camouflage” no longer works with the Ender Dragon to encourage people to not just get this advancement along with “Dragon vs Dragon”.
- Changed the name of the existing “Diamonds to you!” advancement to “Diemonds!”.
- “Hyper-healing”, “Nocturnal”, “The Invisible Player”, “True Feather Falling” and “Tank” now all use the consume_item trigger instead of effects_changed so you now need to specifically drink their potions and cannot achieve these advancements by obtaining these effects by other means (most notably, eating a Golden Apple will no longer give you “Hyper-healing”. It also means using splash or lingering potions will not work).
- Fixed the reward for “Getting Wood” listing “+2 Oak Wood” when it is really “+2 Oak Logs”.
- Changed the reward for “The Mighty Jungle” from 8 Jungle Wood to 8 Jungle Logs.
- “Some Breakthrough”’s item reward is now 4 Phantom Membrane instead of 4 Leather.
- Refused to change “Serious Dedication”.
This is an update to the beta version, which you can download in the description above. The main download still contains the latest stable release.

This will likely be the last beta build before 1.11's release, which is planned for October 23.

- “Camouflage” will no longer work with the Ender Dragon to encourage people to not just get this advancement along with “Dragon vs Dragon”.
- Fixed “Castaway” not resetting its timer if you eat cake.