BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

Sponsored BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 1.15

- Added the "Super Challenges" tab. It is unlocked after defeating the Ender Dragon, and contains some of the most difficult challenges you will find in this pack that push the limits of what can be obtained using Minecraft advancements. Many are not for the faint-hearted and should only be attempted by the most dedicated.
- Added the "Statistics" tab.
- Added some functions that handle some of the new advancements that revolve around certain statistics or commands.

- Added the following advancements:
Building: "I don't like sand", "Insomniac", "Art Gallery"
Mining: "Chestful of Cobblestone", "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!", "Washing Machine"
Farming: "Must be your birthday", "Castaway"
Biomes: "Free Diver", "Sleep with the Fishes", "Qinling"
Adventure: "We're being attacked!", "Superhero of the Village"
Monsters: "Aww man", "Spider-skeleton", "Iskallium Collector"
Weaponry: "Artillery"
Enchanting: "Magical Stockpile"
Statistics: "Out for a stroll", "Who needs cars?", "I enjoy long walks & playing MC", "Marathon", "Your legs must be tired", "Did you just run across Earth?", "Spring in your step", "Boing, Boing", "Jumping Jacks", "Sneaky Snitch", "Black Belt Ninja", "Ancient Kung Fu Master", "Laps in the pool", "Olympic Athlete", "Olympic Gold Medallist", "Minecart Rider", "I Like Trains", "Global Railway Network", "Pig Training", "Snout 500", "Lightning McPig", "Horse Training", "Sheriff Firearm", "Scourge of the West", "Luxury Cruise", "Pirate Captain", "Sailor of the Seven Seas", "Take to the Skies", "Supersonic", "Frequent Flyer", "The Parrots and the Bats", "Cupid", "Two By Two", "Novice Enchanter", "Journeyman Enchanter", "Elderly Enchanter", "Level Up", "Overlevelling", "XP Grinder", "Passing the Time", "Happy Birthday!", "Happy 10 Years, Minecraft".
Potions: "Mad Scientist", "A Furious Test Subject"
The End: "Event Horizon", "Dragon vs Dragon", "Rocketman"
Super Challenges: "All the Blocks!", "All the Items!", "Stack All the Blocks!", "Stack All the Items!", "Potion Master", "Biological Warfare", "Global Vaccination", "Death From All", "Nuclear Fusion", "Zombie Apocalypse", "Rise of the Skeletons", "Creepergeddon", "Dragon Army", "The World Is Ending", "Warlock", "We're in the endgame now", "Immortal", "Abyss Lord", "A Million Blocks Away", "Highway to Hell", "Endergeddon", "I'm in Space!", "Dragon vs Dragon II: Electric Boogaloo"

- Changed the background of the "Weaponry" tab to be tops of smithing tables.
- Renamed "Voluntary Exile" to "I've got a bad feeling about this".
- Renamed "Speech! Speech! Speech!" to "Writer's Block".
- Replaced speed with night vision as a possible effect that you need to craft a suspicious stew of for "I'm gonna be sick!" due to this change happening in 1.14.4.
- Fixed being able to obtain "Taste of your own medicine" by killing a witch with Thorns damage.
- Fixed "Fruit of the Looms" not counting towards the scoreboard when using the update_score function.
- Fixed "Where are all your clothes?" not counting towards the scoreboard when achieving it manually.
- Removed Saturation from "How Did We Get Here" since this happened in vanilla 1.14.3.
- Fixed "I'm gonna be sick" from being impossible to complete due to some incorrect time values. Removed the time values so only the effects of each stew are needed.
- Reorganised some of the advancements in "The End" tab to make it look neater.
- Fixed "Let it go!" being obtainable by obtaining an enchanted book with Frost Walker (you now specifically need to get Frost Walker on boots). (Thanks TeezeR)
- Fixed "Like a cat" being obtainable by obtaining an enchanted book with Feather Falling (you now specifically need to get Feather Falling on boots).
- Fixed one of the possible requirements for "Master Arbalist" being to obtain a crossbow with just Piercing IV but no Quick Charge III.
- You can now get "Just a sample" from obtaining dead coral plants and fans too.
- You can now get "Under Pressure" from either of the weighted pressure plates too.
- Added entering an end_gateway block as a possible condition for getting "Remote Getaway" alongside going 750 blocks from 0,0 in the End.
- Added Bamboo to "Totally not an AFK fisher!" and as a possible item for getting "What a piece of junk!".
- Added Evokers and Vexes to "Demolitions Expert".
- Added Vexes to "Master Shieldsman".
- Updated translations for the 1.6 version into Japanese and Russian have been added to the BACAP Language Pack, courtesy of Atmosphere Tile and SoSeDiK respectively. The download for the updated pack is in the description.
- The Advancements Pack itself has not been updated - just use the new BACAP Language Pack and you can now fully play the pack in Japanese or Russian!
- Updated for 1.14 use only.
- The "Combat" tab has been split up into two tabs: "Monsters" and "Weaponry".
- The "Monsters" tab is specifically about hostile mobs while the "Weaponry" tab is about various weapons (e.g. bows, tridents, and more).
- Note: The "Monsters" tab is still internally known as "Combat".
- Added the "Biomes" tab, which splits up the "Adventure" tab, taking many of the biome and ocean-related advancements from there.
- Advancements about structures, loot, villages, ocean monuments and woodland mansions have remained in the "Adventure" tab.
- Added the following advancements. Plenty relating to the Village and Pillage update, as well as new advancements for the new tabs, and a few others.
- Beginning:
- Mining: "Camping Out", "Spawn Camping", "Smokin' Hot", "Not Chicken McNuggets?", "Its original form", "Smooth, dude", "Blast it!", "Sharpening Station", "Not for creating copies of yourself", "Classic Pocket Edition Block", "Beethoven", "Rest in Pickaxes", "MOAR Broken Tools", "Where are your clothes?"
- Building: "Crazy Walls", "Barrel Rider", "Speech! Speech! Speech!", "Prepare to meet your Loom!", "Fruit of the Looms", "Festival of Lights"
- Farming: "Berry Nice!", "Disen Berry Berry Bad", "Suspicious Looking Stew", "I'm gonna be sick!", "The garbage will do!"
- Animals: "Cool Kids", "Fashion Statement", "Shoe Shed", "Which Came First?", "Horse Armorer", "Colorful Cavalry", "Master Farrier", "Birdkeeper", "Llama Llama Duck King", "Bunny Lover", "What Does The Fox Say?", "Snow Fox 64", "Mushroom Scientist"
- Monsters: "Ooh, Baby!", "Baby, Baby, Baby Noo!", "Legend of the Hell Chicken Rider", "Custom Boss Fight!", "Mollusc Man", "Captain Etho", "Trick or Treat!", "Handsome Jack", "Two Birds, One Arrow"
- Weaponry: "X-Bow", "Ol' Betsy", "Who's the Pillager Now?", "Explosive Fire", "That is so fletch!", "Revenge!", "Demolitions Expert", "A snowball's chance in hell", "There's yolk on my head", "Sir Knight", "Flying Colors", "Shield Luck", "Master Shieldsman", "Viking", "Axeman", "Shovel Knight", "Pig Fishing Tournament", "Indiana Jones", "When Pigs Finally Fly", "Expelliarmus!", "Slapfish", "Diamonds to you!"
- Biomes: "For you, my sweet", "The Mighty Jungle", "Simba", "Bamboom!", "Construction Worker", "Top of the World", "Zoologist", "Kung Fu Panda"
- Adventure: "Oh, look, it dings!", "Mapmaker's Table", "All chained up", "Retro Future Knight", "Crazy Cat Lady", "A Complete Catalogue", "The Tribal Villagers", "Lilypad Hatter", "Stockbroker", "You are the Pillager", "Travelling Merchant", "Shady Deals", "Florist", "Rebuilding the Oceans", "Deal's Off!", "Out of Posts", "Voluntary Exile", "Riot Shield", "It's so beast-like!", "How to stop a rhino from charging", "Picador", "Feeling Ill", "Hero of the Village", "War is Coming", "Veteran of the Village"
- Redstone:
- Enchanting: "Machine Bow", "Shotbow", "Arbalistic", "Master Arbalist", "Emerald Miner"
- Nether: "Hell's Bells", "Decaying Beauty"
- Potions: "Gas!"
- End: "The Actual End", "The Beginning"

- Moved "You Need a Mint" and all advancements following it to the Potions tab.
- Moved "Egging, Dude!" to the Weaponry tab.
- Moved "Eskimo" to the Biomes tab.
- Removed the "Lion Tamer" advancement since Ocelots are no longer tamable (the "trust" mechanic is not detectable).
- The "If only cats grew into kittens" advancement has been moved to the "Adventure" tab and now requires cats specifically. The new "Simba" advancement is for breeding ocelots
- Added Pandas, Cats and Foxes to "Overpopulation" and "The Mighty Hunter"
- Added Suspicious Stew and Sweet Berries to "Vegetarian" and "A Balanced Diet"
- Added Bamboo Jungles and Bamboo Jungle Hills to "Overgrown!", "Adventuring Time" and "Explorer of Worlds"
- Added Pillagers and Ravagers to "Monster Hunter" and "Monsters Hunted". And re-added Endermites, Skeleton Horses, Vexes as well cause for some reason they were accidentally deleted...
- Added Pillagers to "Dungeon Crawler", but it only counts if you kill a Pillager from a Pillager Outpost.
- Vindicators and Evokers killed for the "Dungeon Crawler" advancement now need to be from a Woodland Mansion.
- Changed "Heere's Johnny!" and "Wololo" so that Vindicators and Evokers killed have to be from a woodland mansion (i.e. not part of a patrol or raid)
- Added Cornflower, Lily of the Valley and Wither Rose to "Flower Power"
- Added all the new slabs and stairs to "Slabs For Days" and "Ah, My Old Enemy..." respectively
- Added all the new types of signs to "Professor Oak", "Spruce Lee" and similar advancements
- You can now get "It's a sign!" by placing any of the new types of signs as well
- Renamed "Travelling Merchant" to "Traveller" since the name "Travelling Merchant" was more appropriate for trading with the Wandering Trader. Additionally changed it so that you now need to trade with a villager from each naturally occuring biome type (now including Snow Villages)
- Added Masons to "Businessman"
- Added Pillager Outposts to "Raidin' Master"
- Updated "Complete Enchanter", "Master Enchanter" and "Ultimate Enchanter" with all the new crossbow enchantments.
- Added Lecterns to the "Engineer" and "Master Engineer" advancements since those advancements require everything in the redstone tab in the creative inventory and Lecterns are in it for some reason...
- Removed Polar Bears from "Monster Hunter", "Monsters Hunted".
- Changed "Eye Spy" so that now you have to enter a stronghold to get it instead of use an ender eye while near one (vanilla did this change ages ago...).
- Fixed the fish required for "Tropical Collection" being partially incorrect with respect to which tropical fish variants are the "common" fish variants.
- Changed the name of "Underwater Duel" to "King of the Sea".