BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 1.7.4

- Updated for use in 19w46a.
- Merged the new advancements added in vanilla Minecraft into the datapack.
- One new advancement: “Bee Our Guest”.
- “Beenapper” has been renamed to “Total Beelocation” to match vanilla and now requires you to mine a bee’s nest while 3 bees are inside it.
- “Sticky Situation” (which has the same name as the vanilla advancement so I predicted the future) now requires you to slide down the side of a honey block.
- Updated for use in 19w45b.
- Added two new advancements: “Heart of Darkness” and “I’m in Lava With You”.
- “Spelunker” now requires you to go below y=56 in addition to being in cave_air.
- “Stack all the Items” now requires 16 Honey Bottles due to the maximum stack size being increased.
- “Master Armorer” can now be obtained by obtaining Fire Protection IV, Projectile Projection IV or Blast Protection IV instead of Protection IV on any (or all) of the armor pieces.
- Changed the description of the composter advancement now that wooden slabs are required to craft it instead of planks and fences.
A beta for Minecraft 1.15's snapshots is now available to download in the description.
- Added the following advancements:
Animals: "Ya Like Jazz?", "Hive Mind", "NOT THE BEES!", "Beenapper", "Honey, I’m Home!", "Winnie the Pooh", "Sticky Situation", "WHERE’S THE HONEY LEBOWSKI"
Building: “Cut In Half”, “Stairs? NOOOOO!”, “Aaaaaand… OPEN!”
Biomes: “Everybody Loves Ice!”
Farming: “Full Stomach”

- Changed the name of “Display your items for all to see…” to “Help! I’ve been framed!”
- Added Bees to "Overpopulation"
- Added Bees and Foxes (Foxes weren’t in it due to a bug) to "The Mighty Hunter"
- Added Bees to "Death From All"
- Added Bees to "Highway to Hell", "Endergeddon", "Potion Master" and "Biological Warfare"
- Added Honey Bottles to "A Balanced Diet" and “Vegetarian”
- Added all the new blocks and items to "All the Blocks, "Stack all the Blocks", "All the Items" and "Stack all the Items"
- "The First Night" and related advancements now use the "play_one_minute" statistic instead of "time query day". This will fix players in multiplayer immediately getting these advancements if the world has been running for longer than these times.
- Fixed "The Parrots and the Bats" and "Two by Two" being unobtainable and "Cupid" triggering when "The Parrots and the Bats" should have.
- Fixed "Must be your Birthday" not triggering.
- Fixed "Heeere's Johnny", "Wololo" and the killing Vindicators, Pillagers or Evokers in a Woodland Mansion component of "Dungeon Crawler" not triggering.
- Fixed the respective components of "Feeling Ill" being obtainable by killing their mobs outside their raids.
- Fixed "Veteran of the Village" requiring level VI instead of V.
- Translations into German (Deutsch) have been added to the BACAP Language Pack, courtesy of PuddingPapst. The download for the updated pack is in the description.
- Additionally the Russian translations have been updated to make some of the descriptions more clear.
- The Advancements Pack itself has not been updated - just use the new BACAP Language Pack and you can now play the pack in German!
- Fixed "Journeyman Enchanter", "Luxury Cruise", "Pirate Captain", "Sailor of the Seven Seas" and "Insomniac" not triggering properly.
- Fixed being required to obtain 64 Yellow Beds and 64 Magenta Shulker Boxes for "Stack all the Blocks" when it's impossible to acquire 64 Yellow Beds or Magenta Shulker Boxes in one stack.
The BACAP Language Resource Pack is now available for use to fully translate all the new advancements added in 1.7. Russian, LOLCAT and Pirate Speak translations have been fully updated for this version, and hopefully more languages will follow suit.

Additionally, the datapack itself has been updated to fix a major bug with two of the advancements:
- Fixed the "time_underwater" scoreboard for the "Free Diver" and "Sleep with the Fishes" advancements incrementing while in the void, which enabled achieving these advancements simply by staying in the void.
- Reduced the required values to achieve many statistics advancements.
- Reduced required values for walking, sprinting, jumping, sneaking, swimming, pig riding, horse riding, boat sailing and elytra flying (the main movement advancements) tenfold (so 1000km becomes 100km).
- Changed the animal breeding required values from 100-1000-10000 to 100-500-2500.
- Changed the enchant item required values from 10-100-1000 to 10-50-250.
- Removed "Happy 10 years Minecraft" and instead added an advancement named "The First Night" before "Passing the Time" which you obtain after your first night.
- You can now additionally unlock the root of the "Statistics" tab upon obtaining "The First Night".
- Fixed "Castaway", "Dragon vs Dragon", "Out for a stroll" and "Who needs cars?" not triggering.
- Fixed not obtaining "Torched!" if you place a torch on a wall (previously it only worked if you placed a torch on the floor).
- Fixed the description for "Marathon" incorrectly showing 100km instead of 42km.
- Added the "Super Challenges" tab. It is unlocked after defeating the Ender Dragon, and contains some of the most difficult challenges you will find in this pack that push the limits of what can be obtained using Minecraft advancements. Many are not for the faint-hearted and should only be attempted by the most dedicated.
- Added the "Statistics" tab.
- Added some functions that handle some of the new advancements that revolve around certain statistics or commands.

- Added the following advancements:
Building: "I don't like sand", "Insomniac", "Art Gallery"
Mining: "Chestful of Cobblestone", "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!", "Washing Machine"
Farming: "Must be your birthday", "Castaway"
Biomes: "Free Diver", "Sleep with the Fishes", "Qinling"
Adventure: "We're being attacked!", "Superhero of the Village"
Monsters: "Aww man", "Spider-skeleton", "Iskallium Collector"
Weaponry: "Artillery"
Enchanting: "Magical Stockpile"
Statistics: "Out for a stroll", "Who needs cars?", "I enjoy long walks & playing MC", "Marathon", "Your legs must be tired", "Did you just run across Earth?", "Spring in your step", "Boing, Boing", "Jumping Jacks", "Sneaky Snitch", "Black Belt Ninja", "Ancient Kung Fu Master", "Laps in the pool", "Olympic Athlete", "Olympic Gold Medallist", "Minecart Rider", "I Like Trains", "Global Railway Network", "Pig Training", "Snout 500", "Lightning McPig", "Horse Training", "Sheriff Firearm", "Scourge of the West", "Luxury Cruise", "Pirate Captain", "Sailor of the Seven Seas", "Take to the Skies", "Supersonic", "Frequent Flyer", "The Parrots and the Bats", "Cupid", "Two By Two", "Novice Enchanter", "Journeyman Enchanter", "Elderly Enchanter", "Level Up", "Overlevelling", "XP Grinder", "Passing the Time", "Happy Birthday!", "Happy 10 Years, Minecraft".
Potions: "Mad Scientist", "A Furious Test Subject"
The End: "Event Horizon", "Dragon vs Dragon", "Rocketman"
Super Challenges: "All the Blocks!", "All the Items!", "Stack All the Blocks!", "Stack All the Items!", "Potion Master", "Biological Warfare", "Global Vaccination", "Death From All", "Nuclear Fusion", "Zombie Apocalypse", "Rise of the Skeletons", "Creepergeddon", "Dragon Army", "The World Is Ending", "Warlock", "We're in the endgame now", "Immortal", "Abyss Lord", "A Million Blocks Away", "Highway to Hell", "Endergeddon", "I'm in Space!", "Dragon vs Dragon II: Electric Boogaloo"

- Changed the background of the "Weaponry" tab to be tops of smithing tables.
- Renamed "Voluntary Exile" to "I've got a bad feeling about this".
- Renamed "Speech! Speech! Speech!" to "Writer's Block".
- Replaced speed with night vision as a possible effect that you need to craft a suspicious stew of for "I'm gonna be sick!" due to this change happening in 1.14.4.
- Fixed being able to obtain "Taste of your own medicine" by killing a witch with Thorns damage.
- Fixed "Fruit of the Looms" not counting towards the scoreboard when using the update_score function.
- Fixed "Where are all your clothes?" not counting towards the scoreboard when achieving it manually.
- Removed Saturation from "How Did We Get Here" since this happened in vanilla 1.14.3.
- Fixed "I'm gonna be sick" from being impossible to complete due to some incorrect time values. Removed the time values so only the effects of each stew are needed.