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BlazeandCave's advancements pack is one of the first advancement datapacks ever created and is also one of the largest and most feature-packed. It adds over 800 new advancements to your world so you have some extra challenges to do in your survival world.

The current version requires Minecraft 1.17 or 1.17.1.

Notable features:
- Over 900 new advancements!

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack adds over 900 new advancements to your world, bringing the total up to 975, which brings numerous new challenges to your survival world or a competitiveness to servers. Some new advancements are inspired by various existing pre-1.12 achievements as well as achievements that are exclusive to the Bedrock or Console editions of Minecraft. Many are purely original ideas of our own or of other people (see extra credits section). You may find a list of advancements here.

- 16 Advancement Tabs in total!

All five of the tabs in vanilla advancements have had many more advancements added to expand upon what was already there, and many new advancement tabs have been added for more specific categories.
  • BlazeandCave's Advancements - Contains a few basic advancements that start you off in a brave new world, as well as all the milestone advancements, which keep track of how many advancements have been obtained in each of the other tabs.
  • Mining - The mining-related advancements from the vanilla tab "Minecraft" have been taken and expanded upon greatly into the "Mining" tab with more advancements relating to each of the different ores and what you can do with them.
  • Building - A brand new tab that is all about crafting and building using various blocks.
  • Farming - The vanilla "Husbandry" tab has been split up into the Farming and Animals tabs. The Farming tab focuses on crops and various plants in Minecraft.
  • Animals - The Animals tab is largely about breeding, slaughtering and taming animals in Minecraft, and fishing.
  • Monsters - A brand new tab that takes some of the monster-related advancements from the vanilla "Adventure" tab and expands upon them greatly with unique advancements and challenges for nearly every monster in Minecraft.
  • Weaponry - A brand new tab that is about weapons, both conventional and unconventional.
  • Biomes - A brand new tab that contains advancements relating to various biomes, including the ocean.
  • Adventure - The vanilla "Adventure" tab has been expanded upon greatly with more advancements relating to exploration, villages, trading, raids, and various structures like the ocean monument and woodland mansion.
  • Redstone - A brand new tab that is all about crafting and using various redstone components.
  • Enchanting - A brand new tab that is all about enchanting items.
  • Statistics - A brand new tab that keeps track of various statistics.
  • Nether - The vanilla "Nether" tab has been expanded upon greatly with more advancements relating to the fiery dimension and the monsters and structures within.
  • Potions - The potion-related advancements from the vanilla "Nether" tab have been expanded upon in this tab containing more advancements relating to many of the different potion effects.
  • The End - The vanilla "The End" tab has been expanded upon greatly with more advancements relating to the dark, barren dimension and the monsters and structures within.
  • Super Challenges - Contains the most difficult advancements in the datapack. Many of these test the limits of what can be done in Minecraft.
- Advancement scoreboard.
There is a built-in scoreboard that will count how many advancements you have obtained so far in your world. Great for seeing your progress or for competing with your friends!

- Item Rewards and Trophies given via functions.
Item rewards give you a little bonus for completing many of the advancements, while trophies are special decorative items that are awarded for completing many challenge advancements. These features can both be separately toggled on and off (see below).

- Full translation support.
All advancements are fully translatable using the BACAP Language Resource Pack - currently Spanish, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, Pirate Speak and LOLCAT languages are supported. You can help us translate - more details are below.

1) Unzip the compressed folder that you downloaded. Inside should be this read me document and a folder labeled "bac_advancements"

2) This step depends on if you wish to install the datapack in a brand new world or in an existing world.

- For a new world: You can click the "Data Packs" option when creating a new world. Upon doing this, either open the world folder and copy in the "bac_advancements" folder, or click and drag the "bac_advancements" folder directly into the menu. Once it is imported, mouse over the icon for BlazeandCave's advancements pack so an arrow appears, then click the arrow to load the datapack.

- For an existing world: Click on the world in the singleplayer menu, then click "Edit", then "Open World Folder". Then go into the "datapacks" folder, and copy and paste the the folder labeled "bac_advancements" from the download here.

3) Go into the world. A message should pop up saying you are using BlazeandCave's advancements pack. If not, check your advancements menu. You should see the custom tab named "BlazeandCave's Advancements"If you forgot to load the datapack when creating from a new world, type the command: /datapack enable "file/bac_advancements"

The advancements pack can be easily configured using the config menu, which can be displayed by running the following command:
/function blazeandcave:config

Using the config menu you can:
- Disable and enable item rewards, trophies, and the welcome message by simply clicking their checkboxes.
- Display the advancements scoreboard on the tab list and/or sidebar. You can also clear it from there.
- Update the advancements scoreboard for all players online.
- Grant trophies for all players based on what advancements they have achieved so far.

For advanced information on what you can do with the config check the spoilers:

Completing each advancement triggers a function that adds one to a scoreboard, so it counts how many advancements each player on a world has obtained.

You can get the scoreboard to show up on the sidebar or the tab list using the config menu.

A number of things may cause the scoreboard to display an inaccurate score for some players, such as updating to newer datapack versions. Additionally, due to the way advancements and functions work, if a non-opped player gets an advancement they may not actually trigger any function rewards, so the scoreboard may not count for non-opped players on a server.
Again, you can use the config menu to update the advancements scoreboard for all players online.

You can also set the advancements scoreboard to automatically update using this command:
/scoreboard players set adv_score bac_settings X
Where X is how often in seconds you want it to be updated. This setting is recommended for servers where the scoreboard won't update for non-opped players, and it is recommended that X is set to a high number for servers that are laggy or have a lot of people (e.g. 300 for 5 minutes).
X is set to 0 by default, which will cause the scoreboard to only update when someone manually updates it through the config screen (recommended for singleplayer or servers where everyone is opped)

These are item and experience rewards which you are granted upon completing many advancements. By default they are turned on. They can be toggled on and off using the config menu.

Trophies are decorative items that you can receive upon completing some challenge advancements. Similar to item rewards they are turned on by default, and can also be toggled on and off using the config menu.

You can view a list of trophies here.

A function in the config menu will grant players every trophy they should have obtained based on which advancements they have achieved so far. This function should only be run in worlds that used the advancements pack before updating to the Trophy Update (version 1.11) so that players can obtain the trophies they missed, OR if you had trophies disabled for some time and wish to enable them but also want to gain all the trophies you would have obtained so far.

When this function is run, players that were granted trophies by this function in the past won't receive any again from the function (to prevent them from receiving duplicates if the function is run multiple times on a server). To manually re-enable trophy granting for them use the command:
/scoreboard players set <Player's Name> bac_trophy_given 0

The config menu can also toggle on and off the welcome message that appears when a player first enters a world with the advancements pack installed.
This should be turned off on servers if you already have a custom welcome message of your own on that server and don't want it to be obscured by this datapack's welcome message.

Using the Language Resource Pack:
BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack has support for translation into other languages through use of the BACAP Language Resource Pack, which can be downloaded here.
  • The Language Pack is a resource pack that, instead of changing textures, adds more to language files to be used by the advancements pack.
  • It is installed just like any other resource pack.
  • When using it, you may choose any language that the Advancement Pack supports and it will change the names and descriptions of all of the advancements into that language.
The following languages are supported, and I hope to add more in the future:

- French (By Personnedu59, Zangdarss and Chucky2401) (Fully Translated)
- Spanish (By EsFredderick, Parritoso and Mr_Tcraft) (Fully Translated)
- German (By PuddingPapst and Enucius) (Fully Translated)
- Russian (By SoSeDiK, vlad8599 and KorS1z) (Fully Translated)
- Portuguese (By Ralph10) (Fully Translated)
- Polish (By MRaczek, Adizzowek and TheVeS) (Fully Translated)
- Korean (By 원숭이, WebCam, Fujiwarano_Kai, ReaLizer and NewDays) (Fully Translated)
- Vietnamese (By quank6 and FehnLmao) (Fully Translated)
- Ukrainian (By PurpleBear and Marsik_the_alien) (Fully Translated)
- Chinese (Simplified) (By Remilias_Scarlet, EddieT and SleepyAsh) (Fully Translated)
- Chinese (Traditional) (By TorchGod) (Fully Translated)
- Turkish (By 0yiqitozturk) (Only translated up to 1.11)
- Japanese (By Atmosphere Tile) (Only translated up to 1.6)

- Pirate Speak (PIRATE) (By Cavinator1) (Fully Translated)
- LOLCAT (Kingdom of Cats) (By Cavinator1) (Fully Translated)

If you want to help me translate, you can get the base language file, which is an empty language file, which comes with the latest version of the BACAP Language Resource Pack, translate it, then send it back to me in a private message. You will be credited.

If you are running a server, please note in the description that it supports translation using the BACAP Language Pack, and provide a link to the Planet Minecraft page.

Updating to newer versions:
The Advancements Pack will be updated for later Minecraft versions and snapshots to add more advancements or fix bugs. Here is how to safely update to newer versions:

1) Make a backup of your world for safety if you screw anything up
2) Leave your world for more safety and don't go in during the process
3) Delete the old datapacks COMPLETELY from your world
4) Copy and paste in the new updated datapacks
5) Go into your world
6) If you screwed up, go to your backup, make a backup of your backup, then repeat steps 2-6 on the backup.

WARNING: If you are updating from a Minecraft 1.16 world to 1.17, a large number of advancements' progress will reset. This is intentional as part of some internal overhauls. Please consult this document before updating and make note of your personal progress on each advancement that is listed to reset.
Then, once you have updated the world and datapack to Minecraft 1.17/ BACAP 1.12, you may use commands to re-grant those advancements.

Alternative versions:

Hardcore-Friendly Version:

The Hardcore Friendly version is a special version designed for use in Hardcore Mode only.

It is a separate datapack that needs to be installed ALONG WITH the original datapack. It is intended to be played in hardcore mode, as it changes advancements that require you to die so that you only need to take damage from their respective sources instead.

Download the latest version here.
It will work with the following datapack versions: 1.12 - 1.12.4.

Upon installing, make sure to run this command to ensure the hardcore-modified advancements are properly there
/function blazeandcave:hardcore_install

Caves and Cliffs Generation Preview Version:

The Caves and Cliffs Generation Preview datapack version is a special version designed for use with the Caves and Cliffs preview datapack released by Mojang which expands the world height, adds in the new cave generation, and adds in recipes for Bundles.

Similar to the Hardcore-friendly version, it is a seperate datapack that needs to be installed ALONG WITH the base BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack datapack, AS WELL AS the Caves and Cliffs Preview datapack released by Mojang (which you can download here).

It adds two new bundle-related advancements and changes some existing advancements to take the increased world height into account.

Download it here.

Upon installing, make sure to run this command to ensure the modified advancements are properly there.
You will need to open to LAN and enable cheats in order to run this command however.
/function blazeandcave:cacpreview_install

BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack 2
Check it out here.

Infinity Snapshot Version:
Version 1.Infinity is a special challenge version for snapshot 20w14infinity. It is a copy of 1.10 Beta Build 3 but upon loading in it will spawn a command block that will give you supplies for building an infinite amount of portals for the infinite amount of dimensions out there.

The aim of the Infinity challenge is: Complete as many advancements as you can in BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack, but you are only allowed to use random dimensions to achieve this. So no using anything in the overworld, nether or the end. For minimal exposure you could even make the overworld be a superflat world with nothing in it.
You may build a 'base' in the overworld for things like farms as well as all your portals there (since returning through any portal brings you to the overworld) or you could have one portal in the overworld which leads to a 'home dimension' where your base and all your portals are. Seriously, try the 'home dimension' idea out, there are some nice-looking dimensions out there! :D

Download version 1.Infinity here!

What you may do with this datapack:
You may:
- Use this datapack on a public multiplayer server if you credit me in the server's description and leave a link to the Planet Minecraft page.
- Record a Youtube series where you use this datapack if you credit me in the video or in the description, and leave a link to the Planet Minecraft page. And message me, too. I'd love to see you play with this datapack.
- Make modifications to this datapack as you see fit for your own personal use (re-uploading a modified datapack is not allowed).
- Take inspiration from this datapack if you wish to create your own advancements datapack (e.g. ideas or how certain things are done). Do not blatantly rip off this datapack (e.g. using a lot of the same names, ideas, or tabs).
- Use the same design as the config menu and documentation spreadsheet in your own datapack.

You may not:
- Re-upload this datapack to another site or as part of a larger datapack or modpack, whether kept the same or modified.
-- This includes reuploading the datapack on other websites without my permission. The only sites that this datapack has been officially uploaded on is Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Forums,, the Datapack Center, and

I am aware a number of people have had trouble installing my datapack, especially on servers. The Troubleshooting section in the Read Me document that comes with the pack has more information on troubleshooting.

I cannot guarantee compatibility with any other datapack. This datapack modifies the vanilla advancements so if any other datapack(s) you attempt to use alongside this datapack relies on or also modifies the vanilla advancements there may be compatibility issues.

All Important links:

Download the main datapack from the mirror download link above

Language Pack Download

Hardcore-Friendly Version Download

Caves and Cliffs Generation Preview Datapack Download

Documentation Spreadsheet

Trophy List

Version History

Join my discord server at:

Follow the official BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack twitter for news on every update and teasers!

Support me on Patreon for extra benefits such as access to the Upcoming Features Roadmap for this datapack and your name in the credits!

Note: My patreon is donation-based rather than constant-support-based so if you donate the required amount to get into a tier (either all at once or cumulatively) then you will have all of that tier's benefits forever.

Special thanks to everyone who has donated to me in the past:

Repeating Command Block:


Chain Command Block:

Impulse Command Block:


Please see the Planet Minecraft page for the full credits of each contributor, the post is getting too long for DPC to save so I had to shorten it :(

Other datapack creators / coders:



Atmosphere Tile


Advancement Suggestors:


VoltyMn (aka Dumpy Frog)
Jemox YT
saladbowls (aka PocketTrumpets, aka DrWire, aka Solad)
biffa1 (aka Minceraft)
Mr Take


If you liked or have any ideas for other advancements that could be added to this pack (or found any bugs) feel free to comment.
You will be credited if an idea of yours makes it in. Additionally, if you are on the Blaze and Cave discord you will receive the "Advancement Contributor" role.
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This the most amazing data pack ever. I am a big sucker for advancements, and having 900 of them - it's essentially a dream. I use this in practically every Survival world I create and it is a load of fun.