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1.15.x, 1.16 snapshots
It’s well known that wandering traders don’t offer the best trades. This pack aims to remedy that while maintaining balance and sticking to the Vanilla idea of the trader.

Notable changes include:
  • The possibility to offer explorer maps that lead to desert temples, jungle temples, igloos, or witch huts
  • Some new trades to help you find biome exclusive items
  • Various other new trades
  • Many trades give more items
  • Many trades have had their price decreased and/or have had their max uses increased
  • Some trades for common and easily available items have been removed
  • Trade grouping to help decrease the possibility of the trader offering multiple similar items
A table displaying the full list of possible trades can be found here.

Feedback is very much welcomed! If you have ideas for new trades or how existing ones could be tweaked, let me know!

Issues can be reported here, and I can be reached on Twitter @PlatyPack.
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