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This datapack adds storage that can store large amounts of items.

Storage Barrel (Can store 64 stacks of items.)

Hopper Upgrade (The barrel can accept items from sides, not only from the top.)

Gold Upgrade (Multiplies the maximum number of stacks by 2. Storage upgrade )

Diamond Upgrade (Multiplies the maximum number of stacks by 3. Storage upgrade )

Netherite Upgrade (Multiplies the maximum number of stacks by 4. Storage upgrade )

Void Upgrade (Can only be applied to a barrel without storage upgrades. This upgrade removes items if the barrel is full.)

Duct Tape (Allows you to move barrels.)

  • Right click = Take a stack of items
  • Right click + Shift = Place a stack of items / Apply upgrade / Tape up the barrel
  • Right click + Shift + Empty hand = Place all items from hotbar

  • Storage barrel is based on a Smoker block so pay attention to this when you place this storage in a village.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.3.0 Update

    >Updated resourcepack< Added Hopper Upgrade. Shift + Right_click places all items from the...
  2. 1.1.3 Update

    Now datapack uses player_interacted_with_entity trigger: [+] No more multiplayer(vanilla) issues...
  3. 1.1.0 Update

    Now datapack works in multiplayer Added "Duct Tape". The item allows you to move filled barrels...

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Nice Job, It's Simple But a Effective Storage System