Better Phantoms

Better Phantoms 2.1

-Fixed issue where lower follow range was not actually applied
-Phantoms now have a 20% chance of inflicting Blindness on the player for four seconds when hurting them
-Substantially increased the spawn rate of phantoms in the small End islands.

-Nerfed the flight duration of the Nightmare Rocket to 25

-The Blindness effect now lowers the follow range of entities. This is unaffected by the amplifier.

-Nightmare Rockets can now be fired from a crossbow. When fired, they have a flight duration of just 5 and have a small ball firework explosion attached to them. When an entity is damaged by the Nightmare Rocket, they are afflicted with Blindness for 7 seconds.

-Technical: Added a custom tag to the Nightmare Rocket so it's easily identified ( {betterphantoms:{id:"nightmare_rocket"}} ). Note that Nightmare Rockets newly crafted in this patch can't stack with old Nightmare Rockets.