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This pack reworks the nature of phantoms to improve the gameplay experience. By default, it disables the insomnia mechanic on load. Phantoms now spawn naturally in the small End islands biome. Notice that this makes use of the experimental custom worldgen to spawn them.

Phantoms are also more difficult to kill at range alone; they will turn invisible for ten seconds upon being hit with a projectile. Any fire on them is also extinguished by this mechanic, so Flame can't be used to cheat it. Keep in mind that their eyes are still visible from the front while invisible.

They have a 20% chance to inflict four-second Blindness upon damaging the player, too.

This pack makes Elytra craftable using six phantom membrane and one Netherite ingot. As a consequence, phantom membrane is no longer able to be gifted by cats, in order to keep game progression intact. The recipe is intended to make the multiplayer experience easier.

Finally, this pack adds a new item: the Nightmare Rocket. It's obtained by adding phantom membrane to any firework rocket in a smithing table. The Nightmare Rocket has a flight duration of 25 when launched from an Elytra user, which for reference means that two rockets are just enough to take an Elytra user from the main End island to the outer islands.

When a Nightmare Rocket is launched from a crossbow, however, it has a flight duration of 5 and gains an actual firework explosion. Entities damaged by the Nightmare Rocket are afflicted with Blindness for seven seconds, which now cuts their follow range in half.

You can run '/loot give @s loot betterphantoms:items/nightmare_rocket' to get the new item as an op. You can also run '/function betterphantoms:uninstall' to turn insomnia back on.

(Also, if anyone wants to take a crack at retexturing the Nightmare Rocket, feel free. I'm not exactly an artist lol)
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