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Sponsored Austin's RPG Classes 2e Patch 5

The roster of Druid rituals in 2e was kind of sparse. This has been remedied in the upcoming addition! So far, the list of rituals has increased from 5 to 8, with plans to add a couple more before release.

Before we get into the new rituals, though, I fixed the Harvest Crops ritual. Now you can actually use it.

Now onto the new stuff. Ever tragically lose the vibrant colors of your coral to dehydration? The Druids have you covered. Sneaking while standing in a coral or coral fan or while standing on top of a coral block will revive the coral (Just make sure you keep them somewhere wet when you do it, otherwise they'll just die again).


Druids also know how to carefully handle sea turtle eggs. Their gentle care means they can relocate eggs without the need for an enchanted pickaxe, and breeding operations can be set up in more opportune locations.


Finally, privy to the spindly spiders' cobweb weaving techniques, Druids are able to spin silk into webs that can be left as traps or decorations around the base.


They may even be able to make Spider spawn eggs. The nastiest nature has to offer is still nature, after all. Anyway, tune in next time and we'll talk about the new Reaper class.
It's been a while since the last development update, so let's talk about the additions to Acrobats in 3e!

As you may know, Acrobats get Speed I simply from sprinting. Not a bad deal. But Swashbucklers and Sorcerers both get Speed as well! So it's about time Acrobats got a speed boost. When sprinting for about a second, Acrobats' Speed gets upgraded to Speed II. Additionally, during this "running start", their Jump Boost is also upgraded to Jump Boost III. With that speed and height, you can easily clear a gap spanning 6 blocks!


But that's not the only trick Acrobats have learned this update. You may have heard of the new hidden "crawling" feature available in Minecraft 1.14. The core gameplay mechanics don't use this to its fullest effect, but Acrobats happen to able to crawl much easier than other players. Simply by walking up to a 1 block high gap, looking straight down, and sneaking, you can sneak into the tunnel.


And, last but not least, by sneaking when right underneath some blocks, Acrobats can grab and hang onto the bottoms of some blocks! Fences, leaves, walls, and more. Could you just build a bridge? Would it be faster and more efficient? Yes, probably. But it wouldn't be as fun.


Anyway, that's all for Acrobats. Next update we'll be talking about Druids!
3e is in development! That means, among other things, more classes. I've got quite a few ideas for new classes, but I can't devote time to putting them all in, so you guys get to pick and choose. These ideas are very loose so far, so things like powers and names could easily change, perhaps even with your input.

Until then, you have the option to vote between these four classes. At least two will be added.

Category: Performance
Names: Mime, Mimic
Spec: Adaptation
This class will have the power to take the powers of the mobs it kills.
Category: Exploration
Names: Nomad, Merchant
Spec: Travelling
This class will have the power to set their spawn without needing a bed, and be able to return to their last bed via teleportation.
Category: Industry
Names: Alchemist, Apothecary, Cleric
Spec: Potions
This class will specialize in potion brewing. They will be able to creation potions more efficiently, similar to Artificers and their enchantments.
Category: Exploration
Names: Planeswalker, Psion
Spec: Teleportation
This class will be able to get around by teleporting, and may even have the power to jump between dimensions.

When you've made your decisions, make your vote at this strawpoll. You can vote for more than one! Also feel free to visit our Discord server and suggest things like names, powers, or new classes entirely.
2e Patch 5 fixes a very simple glitch involving Swashbucklers not getting their swimming buff when resurfacing in caves.

In other news, I'm going to start working on 3e soon! That means new classes and updates to existing ones, as well as possibly other features. If you have suggestions for what should be in it, come to the official Discord server and share them.
People asked me to make a Discord, so I did! Come join it if you want. Talk about the data pack, post pics of your Minecraft world, send in suggestions, or do whatever else.

2e Patch 4 is a very very small patch! The Aqua Affinity and Respiration enchantments weren't working for Artificers. Now they are.
2e Patch 3 has been released! All the in-game books have been updated to 2.3e, even the books that didn't change. The books that did change include the Enchiridion and the Artificing Parts book, both of which now list the accurate component for the Fortune enchantment (1 Rabbit's Foot). You can update these books by lighting them up with a flint and steel.

On that note, some issues with "forging" have been fixed. You can now forge items in the rain again, but it's not as efficient a checking process as when it's not raining, so you'll have to be extra careful that the items are fully in the middle of the block when you light it on fire. If the items are in the middle of two blocks, there's a chance they'll burn without giving anything!

Lastly, there's a bug in Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 2 involving item drop stacks that messes with the forging! Items don't properly combine when tossed on the ground. A workaround is to portion out the correct amount of items you need, then toss them all at once using Ctrl + Q. Hopefully Mojang fixes this, otherwise I've got more work to do.

Anyway, Artificers out there get to work and help me make sure I did it right this time! Thanks again for everyone helping me iron out these bugs.
2e Patch 2
Fixed a bug preventing the Sew Life ritual from giving you any seeds of life! No new resource pack this time.
2e Patch 1 is now complete! I (hopefully) fixed all the bugs I was aware of, as well as tweaked some things. You can check out these changes at the new github's Change Logs page.

Also on the new github is documentation for the Druid's Seed of Life, so now people can know how to actually use it! I may consider trying to put this information in the actual data pack somewhere, like in the Druidic Rituals book, but I'm not so sure. I feel like it'd be awkward to present in a way that makes sense.

Lastly, I added a brief description of Artificer contraptions in the description since I had overlooked them when I originally wrote it. Along with that, contraptions have a chance to generate in chests for desert temples, jungle temples, dungeons, and strongholds, that way players who aren't Artificers can still get their hands on them. If you would prefer they not generate in chests, or if the generation is messing up a different datapack, feel free to remove them from minecraft\data\loot_tables\chests.

That's all for now. Remember to pick up the updated resource pack if you plan on updating!