Need to re-download:
➥ CORE: I found out some blocked files and for this reason the minerals drop are blocked, I fixed the files and now should work properly.
➥ MULTIPLAYER UTILITY: if you are using the data pack in a server because there is a syntax error which does not make the entire data pack work.

Someone reported me that when creating a new world and loading the data packs can happen to get an error. I founded that this is caused from the CORE zip file, so in case this happen to you don't worry, you can extract the zip and load the folder (because in folder works) or simply leave it disabled at the world creation and enable it after joining the new world using the command /datapack enable <data pack name>.
They are only a beta version so there could be some bugs and they are not exactly finished, but usable.
So here there are the two new extensions! Open the download link to find them.
You need also to download again the "CORE Data Pack" since I changed something in it to make the new two work.