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Minecraft Version(s)
1.16.4, 1.16.5
Pack Requirements
  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
All the information in the description concerns the latest released version of the data pack.
In the download link you will find all the released versions of the data pack.
The resource pack on which this data pack depends is in the download link divided by version.

# Intro:
This is a project I started at the end of 2020, I'm working a lot to make it as similar as possible to the manga/anime. This is still a work in progress project and due to personal commitments will require a lot of time to complete.

I really hope you all will appreciate and enjoy my work!

I would appreciate a lot as support from you, to make me known to more people as this is the first work that I have decided to publish, to leave a like and maybe even a subscription to my YouTube channel, there you can also find a lot of showcase videos that explain how the data pack works, what you can do and how. Thank you very much!

# General INFO:
➥ Other datapacks might interfere with this one.
➥ Optifine is not required, there are just a couple of glowing texture.
➥ For the moment it is almost unusable in multiplayer due to the lags. Hopefully in future I will find out a way to reduce them.
➥ I have never used plugins or mods and I don't know how they works, so if happens that some of those cause problems probably I don't know how to resolve them.

# How to install:
Passage 2 is only for windows, I don't know the Minecraft folder location or how to get there for Mac or Linux so you will have to search for some videos on YT.


1. Download the datapack from one of my download links.
2. Press windows key + R to open the "RUN" box and type in it: %appdata%\.minecraft\saves
Open your world folder.
4. Open the folder "datapacks".
5. If there is already an old version of the datapack delete it before install the new one, then copy in it the new datapack zip file or folder.

1. Download the resourcepack from one of my download links.
2. Press windows key + R to open the "RUN" box and type in it: %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks
Open your world folder.
4. If there is already an old version of the resourcepack delete it before install the new one, then copy in it the new resourcepack zip file or folder.

Final Check:
Datapack and resourcepack are now installed.

Be sure to enable the resourcepack in-game. If some texture are missing try moving the resourcepack at the top of the list, in this case probably there are some incompatibilities with other resourcepack.

To check if it works properly open the world in-game and type /reload in chat. If the datapack is installed correctly a colored message will appear in chat with the name of the datapack.

# Some INFO I missed in the videos:
ODM Gear:
➥ To switch between blade and thunder spear mode of the ODM Gear use the to change hand key [F].
➥ To hang with the ODM Gear just go under the position of the hook, look up to go up and down to go down

➥ As for when you don't mine iceburst stone with a wooden pickaxe is better for you don't drop the gas capsule to the ground once you've crafted it
➥ Iceburst stone spawn at levels from 30 to 60.
➥ Ultrahard steel ore spawn at levels from 5 to 35.

Pure Titans:
➥ To get a full spinal fluid bottle throw an empty one to the titan feet when you kill it, be fast because you have only a second from its death. Works only if the bottle are not stacked, so drop them with Q to increase chance.

If you want to stay updated with my progress, learn more or report bugs join my dedicated discord server, link below.


Attack on Titan data pack © 2021 by Solda9 is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
The original version of the data pack can be used for video content, but the creator of the video must give the appropriate credits and leave a link to this page in the video description.​
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