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[APRIL FOOLS] The Lemonpack - Resources 6.9

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the Smithed guy
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  1. Made for a data pack
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16x16 - Default Minecraft Resolution
In a world where all life gives you is lemons... what do you choose to do with them?

From the creator of the Datapack Center, with help from the Smithed guy, comes the greatest, most ambitious, most epic datapack known to date.

Have you ever felt that Minecraft has become too boring? That the new features aren't inventive/experimental enough? That Mojang is going the safe route, rather than the fun route? Well be worried no more, as you can now experience The Lemonpack!

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Lemonpack generates Lemon Ores deep underground. You're going to have to harvest these to acquire Lemon Seeds.

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After getting your seeds you're going to have to plant them. Even if you don't care about the lemons themselves (how could you), you can use the tiny lemon trees to decorate an orchard, or farm.

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Now with Lemons within your grasp, you're the only one who can choose what to do with them. Eat them, forge armor and weapons, erect monuments and more!

All screenshots were taken in an early alpha of Lemonpack, they do not represent the final product.
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