AntiF3 2.1

Download the optional add-on for the Caves and Cliffs preview here. Read below for more information.

This update brings some reworked systems and new content.

Compasses will now only display your X and Z coordinates, and they will do so if you have at least one compass anywhere in your inventory, which means you no longer need to be holding it. It even works if it's inside a bundle!

However, compasses will behave differently in the Nether and End. In these other dimensions, a normal compass will not display your coordinates. You'll need to bind it to a lodestone for it to function, and it will only display coordinates when in your hand.

A lodestone compass will now display the coordinates of its lodestone when you sneak while holding it, rather than when you are holding it in your offhand.

Lodestone rebalance: the netherite ingot in the lodestone recipe has been swapped out for an iron block.

The Photometer

Because it fit so well with the theme of this pack, I've ported the photometer from The Creeper's Code, another pack I work on. It displays the current block light when held in four levels, with each level corresponding to an important mechanic. It is crafted with an amethyst shard surrounded by four iron ingots.

This means the clock will no longer be used to view light level.

Caves and Cliffs Preview

I've completely finished an additional feature for this pack called the ore distribution map, but it won't be useful until 1.18 or if you're playing with the Caves and Cliffs preview datapack. Similar to a regular map, it pops up in your hand when right-clicked, but rather than showing a chunk-specific bird's-eye view, it displays the brand-new ore distribution coming in 1.18. Along the middle column, it will display your current altitude accurate up to eight blocks. On the left side, constants are displayed (sea level, cloud level, y=0, etc.) and the ore distribution is displayed on the right side. Right-click to cycle through different ores.
No new content in this one, just updating to 1.17 :)
-When holding a normal compass in the offhand slot, your spawnpoint coordinates will now be displayed (if you have any)
-Some behind-the-scenes consolidation/optimization
When a lodestone compass's target lodestone is broken, it now displays the player's current coordinates even when held in the offhand.

Also fixed an issue where lodestone compasses without targets would display ", ," when held in the offhand.
Lodestone compasses previously did not display the y or z coords of their target lodestone; that is now fixed
Apparently the uninstall was setting reducedDebugInfo to true instead of false. I'm dumb lol
The pack now uses global.ignore on top of global.ignore.gui