AntiF3 2.2

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1.17, Caves and Cliffs preview
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  1. Depends on a Resource Pack
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AntiF3 Minecraft Data Pack

This very simple datapack reduces the information available on the debug screen in favor of in-game tools to increase immersion.

Having a compass in your inventory will display your current X and Z coordinates above the hotbar at all times. This even works when the compass is in a bundle!

In the Nether and End, however, a regular compass will not suffice. You'll need to bind it to a lodestone and hold it in your hand to see your current coordinates.
To rebalance the already-expensive lodestone, the netherite ingot in its recipe has been swapped for an iron block.

For a lodestone compass, you can sneak while holding it to view the coordinates of the lodestone. Lodestone compasses outside of the dimension of their lodestone will not be able to display your current coordinates.

If all this sounds complicated, just remember that if a compass is spinning, it will not be able to tell you where you are. Simple!

This is a better alternative to most coordinate HUD packs, which completely consume the action bar at all times, making it impossible for other datapacks to display information there. As a bonus, this pack comes pre-packaged with my ABC Library, which ensures compatibility between it and other packs using the library (including The Creeper's Code!)

Also included in this pack is the Photometer, a tool to measure current block light ported from The Creeper's Code. Craft with an amethyst shard surrounded by four iron ingots. You can find more information on it here.

This pack also has an optional add-on datapack for those playing with Mojang's Caves and Cliffs Preview pack. This add-on includes the ore distribution map, which displays your current altitude as well as some constants on the left (sea level, cloud level, y=0, etc.) and the brand-new ore distribution on the right (right-click to cycle through different ores). Download it here.

Uninstall with /function antif3:uninstall. You can reactivate the pack with /function antif3:setup.
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