[Alpha] Team Fortress 2

[Alpha] Team Fortress 2 Alpha 1.0.1

Hey, it's been a long time. I'm going back into the world of functions as the 1.15 possibly-combat update gave me back the motivation to work on my projects again (I don't know about Seasons, sorry).

I'm opening a GitHub on which I'll put all the files of the datapack so you can post issues, requests and such there: https://github.com/LeCodex/TF2-Datapack

I trust you about the fact you'll be helpful with this. Keep in mind all modifications are made on the files on my computer before I upload them on GitHub. I also trust you about copyright, you can share but please reference the fact it's my work.

You can find in the teamfortress folder a changelog on which I'll be reporting all the things that have changed before an update will come out (and there has already been a LOT of modifications because apprently I was blind when coding this for the first time).

Anyways, sorry for the blank and the kind of bland update, I'll try to round up everything, possibly add a new functionnality (full Pyro airblast and payload are good candidates) as soon as possible
After going back on the project I realized that the start_game function was bugged and had a syntax error, making it unusable and by extension also the datapack.
This has been taken care of in this version with a small bug, where the gamerule sendCommandFeedback is deactivated during games (for the Engineer's PDAs and Spy's Disguise Kit which uses trigger objectives) but activated otherwise, and it wouldn't reactivate.
I'm sorry for this big of an error to have been let through.