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[Alpha] Team Fortress 2 Alpha 1.0.1

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TF2 in Minecraft

This is a project I have been working on for the past months, and so I proudly present the first alpha version of that datapack.
It is obviously multiplayer compatible, but here are a few warnings:

  • I DO NOT guarantee performance, and I can say that while testing the performance was an issue in some cases. Please consider this point, new versions will have this as a n°1 priority
  • Please report anything that might be considered a bug or an unwanted feature in the discussion feed (or preferably on the GitHub, link at the end), but please try to double check if someone already raised that issue.
  • Some aspects are still partly in development, mainly: Arrows damage, Payload and 5CP (Control Points) game modes, Round time customization

TL;DR : This is still an ALPHA and as such it's meant to be tested and will have some issues.

This datapack was meant to recreate as closely as possible the different mechanics inside Team Fortress 2. Some things were not possible to be fully implemented or at all. All damage and health numbers have been divided by 5 to make the HUD more ergonomic.


Just un-zip the file and put the folder inside of it in the "datapacks" folder of your world. Use /reload afterwards.
The datapack should be compatible with any and all worlds, but I do not recommend using it alongside other datapacks. This datapack will alter the gameplay a lot, and so is not meant to be used alongside regular Minecraft gameplay.



  • Scout: 25 Health. Scattergun, Pistol, Bat.
    Can double jump (Swap hand) and is the fastest class of the game (Speed III)
  • Soldier: 40 Health. Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Shovel.
    Fires explosives that explode on hit with an enemy or a wall, is slow (Slowness I)
  • Pyro: 35 Health. Flamethrower, Shotgun, Fire Axe.
    Sets on fire his enemies, can throw then back (Knockback II)
  • Demoman: 35 Health. Grenade Launcher, Sticky-bomb Launcher, Bottle.
    Fires grenades that explode on hit with an enemy (if they didn't hit the ground first) and are affected by gravity and physics in general, can lay sticky-bombs and detonate them (Swap hand)
  • Heavy: 60 Health. Minigun, Shotgun, Fists.
    Massive Health and damage output, is the slowest (Slowness III, Slowness V and can't jump while reving his minigun by firing or swapping hand)
  • Engineer: 25 Health. Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench, PDA.
    Can build a Sentry, Dispenser and Teleporter and can repair and upgrade them. [WARNING: THIS CLASS IS VERY RESOURCE-INTENSIVE DESPITE MY BEST EFFORTS. DO NOT STACK]
  • Sniper: 25 Health. Sniper Rifle, SMG, Kukri.
    Can scope in and charge his shots (Swap hand) and can headshot for even more damage. Headshots are registered in chat.
  • Medic: 30 Health. Medigun, Syringe Gun, Bonesaw.
    Can heal his allies and build Übercharge, then activate it (Swap hand) for 8 seconds of invulnerability (Glowing and Resistance CCLVI)
  • Spy: 25 Health. Revolver, Sapper, Butterfly Knife, Disguise Kit, Fake Medigun.
    Can go invisible by holding nothing in his hands for 10 seconds, can backstab, can disguise as the enemy and loses that disguise if he attacks, and can sap the Engineer's buildings to deactivate them and slowly kill them by throwing his Sapper at them.

Game features:

  • Gamemodes: Payload, Control Points, Attack/Defense, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag
  • Mapmaking tools: Get them with
    function teamfortress:get_debug_items
    while no round is currently taking place. Note: Place the Spectator Switches less than 5 blocks away from their corresponding Spawns. It won't break anything, but will prevent a message from popping each time you switch to player.
  • Game states managing: Pre-Game, Setup, Round, After-game with timer. Use
    function teamfortress:start_game
    to start a new game.
  • Announcer: Via chat or title
  • Items and markers: Health Kits, Ammo Packs, Control Points, Payload Cart, Spawns with fully functionnal timed respawn mechanic, Resupply Lockers, Lobby with team choice via Switches between playing and spectating. Spawn Doors and Setup Doors are NOT implemented and have to be made manually: you can test:
    execute if score setupTimer matches 1.. run ...
    for setup doors.
  • Entirely Remade Melee and Range Weapons: Clips, Ammo, Recharge and Reload time dependent on each weapon
Last Notes:

I started doing devlogs of the progression, but since I currently have a potato for PC, it is impossible for me to continue those devlogs due to really bad performances. I'll soon get a better computer, and then I'll be able to continue those devlogs.
I'll probably make a better icon later on.
A huge thank you to the PhoenixSC Discord community and especially Ripstikerpro for helping me out on this project.

This project now has a GitHub! Go there if you want t post issues, requests, or even participate yourself on the project: https://github.com/LeCodex/TF2-Datapack

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. (CC BY-SA 4.0).
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