DataJam [Augustus] Adventure+ 1.0

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This is a singleplayer only data pack which adds some new adventure/camping items and mechanics to the game. Make sure you install the resource pack before using the data pack.

  • water compass
  • tent
  • chest tool
  • custom pickaxe and axe enchantment
  • combat health bar
How to install:

Data pack:
1. extract the downloaded file
2. paste the "Adventure+" folder inside the "datapacks" folder located in your saves folder (.minecraft > saves > your_save > datapacks)
3. run /reload if your game is already open

Resource pack:
1. extract the downloaded file
2. paste the "Adventure+ resource pack" folder inside your resource pack folder (.minecraft > resourcepacks)

How to uninstall:

there is a built-in uninstall function which will automatically clean up all the tags and scoreboard objectives for you. Just run /function adventure:uninstall


Water compass:

the water compass is a leaf you can place in water by throwing it onto a water block. When placed, it will spin around for 2 seconds and then point towards your bed. If you don't have a bed location saved, it will spin in place. To save your bed location, simply sleep in a bed.

The leaf can be obtained by breaking oak leaves and it can be picked up again by right-clicking on it once it is placed down.

Custom crafter:
the custom crafter is used to craft all the new items the data pack brings and can be obtained by throwing a dropper, diamond, and oak leaves onto a crafting table.

the tent item can be placed down anywhere where there is space to construct a tent. The tent comes with a bed, chest, crafting table and a lantern.

crafting recipe:

Chest tool:

The chest tool allows you to pick up a chest with all the items in it by shifting and right-clicking a chest
Warning: the chest tool is meant for moving chests only! do NOT place chests inside other chests because that may lead to chunks not being saved or even your game crashing!

crafting recipe:

Custom enchantments:
There are currently two custom enchantments included in the data pack.:
  • Timber enchantment (break the bottom of a tree and to harvest all the wood)
  • 3x3 miner enchantment (I don't think this needs any explanation)
these enchantments only work on diamond tools.
To craft these enchantments, you will need a special book called a "Power rune" which can be crafted like this:
power rune.png

Timber crafting recipe (power rune + efficiency V book + oak log):

3x3 miner crafting recipe (power rune + efficiency V book + stone):
3x3 miner.png

To apply these enchantments to your tools, simply throw the tools and the enchantments on the floor.

Combat health bar:
this is a custom health bar which will show you the health of the nearest mob within 15 blocks.
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