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Theme changes to the website.

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:mc_2-0: DPC OFFICIAL NEWS :mc_2-0:
As you may have noticed the website has gone through a colour palette change, we changed from the turquoise-ish theme over to a much more vibrant royal blue/slight purple styling last night.

This was in part to some feedback received when the colour was rolled out on the discord a while back but was also due to a decision to make the website look better and that this would just be more suiting.

We hope you enjoy how the website now looks and any feedback or comments in the replies to this thread would be greatly appreciated.

How to get sponsored?

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If you're not present, or active on the discord, you may be confused on the "sponsored" tag some datapacks have.
This tag is given to projects that are specifically sponsored by DpC.

This sponsorship gives your datapack the "sponsored" tag, along with a couple extra features on the discord, if you're present there.
These features include:
- The datapack being advertised in the #portals channel
- Earning the @Sponsored Developer role, which grants you access to a sponsored developer only chat
- Getting a custom emote of your datapack

If you want to get sponsored, join the discord (, and click on the #applications channel. Everything you need is displayed there.

New Projects - Data Packs, Resource Packs, Maps, and more!

  • Slimefun Resources
    Slimefun Resources
    A Resource Pack that applies textures to all the custom items from the plugin Slimefun!
    • HauntedCorpse
    • Updated:
  • Other Worlds
    Sponsored Other Worlds
    A series of new dimensions, with new progression, bosses, items, blocks, and more!
    • Jachro
    • Updated:
  • Expanded Advancement and Recipe Pack
    Expanded Advancement and Recipe Pack
    A large datapack that adds many new advancements and recipes for 1.13-1.14
    • PancakeIdentity
    • Updated:
  • Undermagic Resource Pack
    Undermagic Resource Pack
    Resource Pack for Undermagic Datapack
    • Hashs
    • Updated:
  • Undermagic
    Delving into darkness's depths...
    • Hashs
    • Updated:

Top Projects - Data Packs, Resource Packs, Maps, and more!

  • Demiurge
    Limited crafting version of minecraft, with custom changes
    • Inferentiel
    • Updated:
  • Seasons
    A datapack that adds the 4 seasons to vanilla survival, alongside other elements
    • Le Codex
    • Updated:
  • Mechanization
    Sponsored Mechanization
    Huge tech datapack with over 45 machines and 110 items.
    • ImCoolYeah105
    • Updated:
  • Crawl at Will!
    Let's you crawl at will
    • TheNuclearNexus
    • Updated:
  • Austin's RPG Classes
    Sponsored Austin's RPG Classes
    Spice up survival gameplay with a variety of RPG-inspired classes!
    • thisisnotaustin
    • Updated:

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