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Welcome to The Data Pack Center, at least the web portion of it anyhow.

The Data Pack Center is a merging of two previous data pack communities and partners, one of which was primarily discord based "The Data Pack Hub" and the other primarily web-based "Minecraft Packs".

This brand new community strives, for one thing, to bring data packs everywhere and to everyone. Sharing the wonderful work of hundreds of great Minecraft creators.

If you haven't already you can join the discord here.

New Projects - Data Packs, Resource Packs, Maps, and more!

  • GoodStuff (TheShrineVonPuff)
    Build the shrine to meet the man himself, and bless your audiovisual bits while you're at it.
    • GGWisp
    • Updated:
  • The Action Bar Compatibility (ABC) Library
    Reduces inter-pack conflict with communicating to the player via action bar
    • ChromaKey
    • Updated:
  • True Survival Mode
    True Survival Mode
    Undead Vikings. Dimensional Traders. The Elder Dragon. Survival elevated.
    • Devon's Desk
    • Updated:
  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong
    Very small pack adding additional functionality to bells
    • ChromaKey
    • Updated:
  • Enderground
    Adding new content to the End via caving and such
    • ChromaKey
    • Updated:

Top Projects - Data Packs, Resource Packs, Maps, and more!

  • The Creeper's Code
    Sponsored The Creeper's Code
    A large vanilla+ datapack that aims to add content that meshes seamlessly with the default game
    • CreeperMagnet_
    • Updated:
  • Seasons
    A datapack that adds the 4 seasons to vanilla survival, alongside other elements
    • Le Codex
    • Updated:
  • Demiurge
    Limited crafting version of minecraft, with custom changes
    • Inferentiel
    • Updated:
  • Mechanization
    Sponsored Mechanization
    Huge tech datapack with over 45 machines and 110 items.
    • ImCoolYeah105
    • Updated:
  • Tinkery
    Tinker's Construct in datapack form, now with Smelteries!
    • ReLapis
    • Updated:

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Netra14 wrote on TheSethskiGamer's profile.
I downloaded your version of Ilmango's crafting tables, and all it's doing is replacing the crafting tables with command blocks. I'm in 1.16.3 if that means anything.
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TCC V0.3.1 is going well, new stuff to come. Also, thanks for keeping me on the top of the download list! :)