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The Augustus DataJam

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:mc_2-0: DPC OFFICIAL NEWS :mc_2-0:

This Data Jam has come to a conclusion. Status Tweaks by Hashs won the competition, it will be added to the server within the coming days*.

Introducing the Augustus, this DataJam will last from August 10th till September 10th. This being the first DataJam we're hosting around our website so we better explain, so this is basically a month long competition for people to create new and creative data packs, for some little fancy rewards.

How to Submit:
You can submit your data pack(s) from your Project Studio (Submit my Data Pack). Remember to select the Augustus DataJam prefix when uploading your data pack.

How to Win:
By the end of the competition you need to have the most downloads, that's it, so... GOOD LUCK!?!!

Theme and Restrictions:
The theme that your data pack(s) have to follow is pretty open ended, they just have to be Adventure related. Think exploring, boss fights, fighting mechanics etc.
Optional alternative theme Radar related. Think detection, location, and position (or maybe jam).

There will also be a limit of 3 data pack submissions per person. All data pack submissions must also be uploaded directly on this site to be...

The Brand New Server

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:mc_2-0: DPC OFFICIAL NEWS :mc_2-0:

The long awaited server is now available, it's running a few data packs to start with.
You can join with, the server is currently running vanilla 1.14.4 with 20 player slots.
Try some of our commands:
  • /trigger spawn - teleport back to spawn
  • /trigger rtp - teleport who knows where

If you have any issues please message MinecraftDoodler directly.

Further more if you would like your data pack on the server please submit it in this post's comments (Data packs that require resource packs are currently not allowed, all data packs must be available directly on this website to be on the server):

New Projects - Data Packs, Resource Packs, Maps, and more!

  • Budget Iron
    Budget Iron
    Makes recipes require less iron
    • thisisnotaustin
    • Updated:
  • Breed Helper
    Breed Helper
    Highlight mobs that are ready to breed.
    • thisisnotaustin
    • Updated:
  • BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack
    BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack
    Adds over 600 advancements to your survival world
    • Cavinator1
    • Updated:
  • Netherbound
    An alternative survival mode where you have to thrive in the Nether.
    • thisisnotaustin
    • Updated:
  • More Dragon-Proof Blocks
    More Dragon-Proof Blocks
    Datapack expanding the list of blocks the Ender Dragon cannot destroy, allowing for more end-themed
    • PancakeIdentity
    • Updated:

Top Projects - Data Packs, Resource Packs, Maps, and more!

  • Seasons
    A datapack that adds the 4 seasons to vanilla survival, alongside other elements
    • Le Codex
    • Updated:
  • Demiurge
    Limited crafting version of minecraft, with custom changes
    • Inferentiel
    • Updated:
  • Mechanization
    Sponsored Mechanization
    Huge tech datapack with over 45 machines and 110 items.
    • ImCoolYeah105
    • Updated:
  • Tinkery
    Tinker's Construct in datapack form, now with Smelteries!
    • ReLapis
    • Updated:
  • UsefulWands
    This Datapack adds some useful wands to Minecraft
    • HauntedCorpse
    • Updated:

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